Spawn is on!

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by Phil Washburn, May 24, 2009.

  1. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    went to t-bird last weekend. ran jugs sat afternoon and sunday morn. caught 7 cats - 2 blues and 5 channels. 3 of them had eggs. the larger ones (2 to 5lbs) were caught in 25+ feet...the shallower jugs just had small ones (1 to 2.5lbs)

    went down to the north canadian yesterday. caught 3 channels. 2 looked like they were fat with eggs. let those go. the next 4 weeks looks to be good fishing. the water is definitely warming and the cats are headed to shallow water to spawn. i will try to fish behind the house almost everyday this week.

    y'all let me know how you're doing!:big_smile:
  2. Quackshutr

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    Oklahoma, Collinsville
    We fished jugs all weekend, a buddy wanted some so he took the 10 we kept on Saturday, no idea if they had eggs in them or not. 2# to 10#, mostly channels on shrimp and shad.
    Caught 3 last night about 4-5# apiece and 9 this morning of which 3 had eggs. 2-10# pretty even blues to channel. On shad about 20-16' depths.

    Think we had some more but some overly friendly weekend boaters helped us run our lines while we weren't there. :))


  3. hog223

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    southern logan county ok
    with that being said about the spawn, do you think one would fish deep for blues or in the shallows this time of year?
  4. Swampfox.

    Swampfox. New Member

    if they had eggs and they were caught in 25 feet; sounds like they are getting ready to go shallow.
  5. Bullheaded

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    Norman Ok
    I went out on thunderbird Sunday night and I was throwing right up next to the shore and catching channel cats. They were full of eggs.
  6. swampratt

    swampratt Member

    I guess i know what i am doing this weekend,,,
    headdin' to summers ferry in gore..sounds like the cats may be hungry
  7. fishingrl636

    fishingrl636 New Member

    Lake Eufaula,OK
    I cot about 12 nice 4-9lb blues and a couple channel in euf las wk one evening b4 the crazy wknd and the 6 i took home where all full of eggs! The ones i thew back were all fat w/ eggs too, except for the channels. Shad hav been hard 2 find in my cove so when i found some i couldnt beat the cats off w/ a stick. eggs were good and formed but not bloodly yet. many of the stomachs were empty or jus had the green stuff in em so they r hungary!

    I was fishing Eufaula, mid-lake with jugs 9-20ft.
    I didnt do 2 bad the day b4 on hot dogs and wd-40 when i couldnt find the shad. wouldnt hav believed it if i hadnt seen it.

    Ya'll r right it getting 2 b that time!! woo hoo