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    Anyone ever fish table rock. Ive read alot about truman and lake of ozarks but not much on southern mo. I will be moving into the springfield/nixa area and would like to get some feedback on lakes/rivers in that area.Or if you feel its better to just drive north.Any advice?
    Thanks Russ
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    Russ, you're going to love the Springfield area. Big enough to have some decent restaurants and entertainment, a big university, and small enough to get around pretty quickly. You can live in the country and work in the city. I lived 20 mi north of there for 12 years & had an office in Springfield. The town mostly shuts down at noon on summer fridays so everyone can head for the lakes, tablerock mostly. It's a beautiful lake in a beautiful area. Nice clean water, lots kinda deep cause they flooded the ozark hills. Your not far from other lakes also. Stockton is a great one. TableRock is a big spider shaped lake, with lots of fingers between the hills, & many places to fish.
    My family from Ill has been camping at Cricket Creek ever since the dam was buillt around 1957. I hear the fishing is best on the James River arm.

    We'll look forward to meeting you at the Missouri get together next year & you can tell us all about your experiences.

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    Lake St. L
    Moving east from Table Rock, you've got Tanycomo, Bull Shoals, North Fork and the White River itself. Each have their specialities. You can head south into the Boston Mountains and float/fish the Buffalo National Scenic River. I think you'll find something.:lol: