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    I'm located in Kalamazoo and curious as to where are some good bank fishing areas are to start out with catfishing. I have heard that the 6th street dam and the Allegan dam are good bank areas. Does anyone have any good advice on these areas or other ones in the vicinity? I would like to target larger flatheads and channels and I have heavy enough gear for them and heavy snags and current.
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    Grand River Valley, Weste
    Welcome to the BOC, Georg,

    We don't have any members fishing in your area that I know of, so you will have to put in some time exploring.
    Get a good county map book and look for likely places, then go check them out.
    Start with public parks & launch ramps, and talk to people you meet there.
    Try talking to guys at bait shops & sporting goods stores, too.
    I think there's a DNR office in Allegan, you could drop by and ask questions there.
    The Kalamazoo is a great catfish river, well worth the time it will take you to find some good spots.
    Forget about the 6th street dam, unless you enjoy tying new terminal tackle after every other cast. No sense in drivivng all the way to Grand Rapids with the Kalamazoo right there anyway.
    Good luck, & let us know how you do.

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    Welcome to the BOC Georg. Man, I keep hearing about this Kalamazoo River, and the fish it produces. I will have to check it out for sure.
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    Sand Lake, MI
    I've fished the dam a couple times. I tried both the east and west side. on the west side i spent more time retying hooks than fishing. Oh and the racoons just love the stink bait also lol. on the east side of the dam I had pretty good luck fishing right over the wall.

    I believe there are better spots down river from the dam but unfortunately I never made it there early enough to do any scouting. If ya have any questions, I'll try to help you out I'm pretty familiar with that area. I grew up near there. Actually I'd like to take a trip back to the dam some time before winter hits maybe we could meet up.