Southeast PA Fishing flea Market

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  1. Just a heads up. Sunday 2/22/09. Bally, Pa. Firehouse. Fishermans Flea Market. 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. This is located just off route 100 between Pottstown and Allentown.
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    welcome to the BOC John

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    Man they should have them more often. Who knows what treasures you will find there. dont over look them lures, youll be surprised what people will pay for good condition old lures(def if they still have original box):0a31:
  4. Yes, it is pretty cool to go check this one out. It gets pretty packed. I have been going every year for 4 years. Got some good deals there and turned in some old lures for some good money. I highly recommend it.
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    berks, PA
    welcome to the boc. john, the one in bally isn't too bad, i was there a few years ago and picked up a flying lure kit for 15 bucks, every time i go to one of those outdoor shows i can't leave empty handed:cool2:
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    Prolly mostly trout and bass stuff. Catfishing booths are rare at these things.

    If I wanted someone to tell me I needed $800 worth of gear just to fish in 6 inches of water, I'd fish on opening day trout!:cool2::smile2::wink:
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    miamisburg, oh
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    I don't own much in the lure department either I seem to be single minded in the pursuit of one specific fish:smile2:
  9. Well, I took my little girl up and we had a good time. Picked up a new reel, tackle bag, and an auger for next winter. Gettin' ready to put the line on the catfish poles!