South American Arapaima Resembles Giant Alligator Gar

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    Arapaima are typically six to seven feet long, but can reach eight feet or more. Very wide back and a sloping flat head with a overshot lower jaw. Forward part of upper body with large olive green scales. Near the tail, the scales have a reddish tint with a bright red edge. Long and low dorsal and anal fins, near the tail.One of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the arapaima is a torpedo-shaped black fish with red markings. The scales are quite large. Its mouth is turned up toward the surface of the water, as it feeds at the surface.


    The Arapaima is found in the Amazon and Orinoco River of South America . A limit to its range is the presence of large rapids or waterfalls, which they are unable to navigate. Arapaima are now being stocked into commercial fisheries as the demand for the great fish is on the increase. We will see over the coming years the their range increase to allot more accessible areas.

    Feeding Habit

    In their natural habitat of the Amazon these fish will leap out of the water to grab small birds off of overhanging trees. Their main diet consist of meat / fish and considering their size they are still a very stealthy predator. Arapaima generally will eat anything at certain times of the year.

    Age and Growth

    Arapaima are among the largest freshwater fish reaching lengths of 14 feet and 440 pounds. These fish grow quickly once born but tend to slow down slightly once their reach sexual maturity as energy is diverted else where. The main influence on their growth rates is like many fish, dependent of availability of food, the more there is the quicker these fish grow.

    Tackle and Methods

    These fish will test your tackle to its limit. The scale of your fishing tackle really depends on how long you wish to fight the fish for?. Most people use a medium boat rod with about a 30 to 40lb class coupled with a good strong multiplier loaded with 30 or 40lb line. Methods normally involve dead baiting with fish.

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    sweet looking fish, thanks for sharing

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    14' and 440 lbs? that puppy could smoke the drag on a Penn!:eek:
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    Looks like a Grinnel (Bowfin) mated with a Flathead.
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    Looks like I wont have a problem not fishing there!

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    They have a couple of those at the zoo over in Omaha. A pretty impressive fish.
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    A trip to the amazon for cats and these would really be great. Is there a best time of year? Are there many outfitters for these fish? Hannibal Mike These are great looking fish and thanks for the pics!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thats an interesting fish. Like to get into a few of those.