sour bait for channel's

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    This bait has put more channel cat's on the stringer than any bait I've ever tried.You start with fresh caught succers,remove all of the scales then fillet the meat from the sides.Leaving the skin on the fillets,chunk the fillets into 1 inch cubes.Stuff the cubed succer meat into a 1/2 quart or 1 quart mason jar as full as you can.Be sure when you screw the lid on not to tighten it,it needs to be left loose enough that air can escape.Find an area in your yard or field where the sun hits the ground most of the day,dig a hole deep enough so the jar has at least 6 inches of dirt covering it.Bury the jar and leave it for at least 4 days in the summer or 6 days in the spring or fall.After you dig it up tighten the lid and use it imedetly or itcan be frozen for later use.You can use any kind of bait fish you want but I have found that succer works better for me,good luck.
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    Thanx Tim I am gonna do that this weekend now! I just had a thread up about bait for channels but its ok i read urs! and this will work real good cause i live in arizona, so that means (heat)....for the bait! I think this is real cool! And u have me excited now cause i dont have to use liver, cause thats all i use and i dont do to bad with it but im sure this will work out GREAT! thanx tim...John from Az.