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    Well sorry if I got anybody in trouble over the pictures I posted but I cant see anything with big blues and beautiful women.To me they go hand n hand,and the way I see it even if the fish aint bitn I still got something to look at:smile2: Promise to post more as soon as possible.. Anyway fished warsaw last nite and to say the least it was awful. Three fish in four hrs maybe 10 lbs total. Hey Steve just wanted to say thanks for the shad offer last nite but already had 60 or 70 large ones.I do the same to anybody thats lookn for shad when Ive got plenty.Gave the rest of mine to some kids on the dock last nite,then took a few min out to show them the proper way to throw a net:wink: If Ive got any advise for any newcomers it would be this...You want to throw a big a net that you can throw and get to open up correctly.I used to throw smaller nets like 4,5 or 6 ft but now got a 8 ft, man does it cut down on ur bait duty time...:big_smile:
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    Better Luck next time Shannon. You need to get with Troy,Josh, and Scotty, sounds like they did pretty good. Keep posting the pics, Weather your catching fish or not. LOL :smile2::smile2: