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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by gargoil77, Jan 20, 2008.

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    I have two Sony digital camera's. One is the DSC 717 and the other is a DSC P92. When taking pics witht the F717, the pics were red, then later they were red with white streaks and finally there was no pic at all.
    I looked on Sony's website and found that there is a problem witht the Image Sensor Device (CCD) in some of their cameras. Sony will fix for free, any camera that is doing what mine did. They even show photos of what the picture you take should look like if you are having this problem.
    The UPS shipping is free also. They e-mailed me a label to print out and tape to the box. So if anyone has a Sony and I think also Konica camera I would check this website out. They are doing this up til September 30 2008 so act fast.
    I bought my camera five or six years ago and it wasn't cheap. I was surprised when Sony said that they would fix it for free, Thanks Sony!
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    I have a Sony FD Mavica I bought years ago for about 500. Never had a lick of problems out of it. They make good products. Have had several radios of thiers and a 32" tv, they all preformed great.

    Thanks for the info.

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    I use a Kodak 6 mp. Never had a lick of trouble with it and the pics are great quality. I never bought a sony camera before. I know they make good products and they stand behind them. :wink:
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    Mark, Sony replaced the CCD in my Sony F717 in 06. Great service, all free. They did great but it was required from a class action law suit.

    I've owned 6 different new Sony digitals starting in 1997, still have 4. My first was a low resolution Mavica FD 71 that wrote to floppies. It was the second camera Sony came out with. The very best has been the last one.. DSC H9, 15 X optical zoom with stabilizer. I haven't used the 717 since I got the H9 last summer.