Son's new P.B. Flathead

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    Got out on the Colorado River last night. We put in around five and headed to one of my bluegill spots. In less than half an hour, we had about a dozen gills in the live well. We moved off to our first cat spot that was a small hole but about 22ft deep. The current was up pretty good but we tied off to the brush with no problem. First 30 minutes or so and we got our first two of the night. While Im squaring away the boat one rod bends down and my son is bringin in his first of the night. Second fish came right away and I brought it in. Short while later my son hooks the third of the night. After that action died down and after no more bites for almost an hour, we moved off to another spot. Didnt take long at all for me to hook the fourth fish of night and as Im admiring my catch my son grabs another pole and ends up with his personal best that was almost 10lbs. Rest of the night was slow so we got off the water around 3am. All fish were released except for two that are now fillets in my freezer:wink:.

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    A big congrats to your son for catching his PB Catfish!! That's a nice one and I'm sure he is is really proud of it. WTG!! A big congrats to you too Dameon for taking him fishing, that's making awesome memories!!

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    very nice! congrats
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    Nice! The bigguns will bite soon!:cool2: