Sonnys Super Sticky Channel Cat Bait

Discussion in 'Fishing Bait Review' started by CatfishWEIRDO, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. CatfishWEIRDO

    CatfishWEIRDO Guest

    I use the blood formula works great anyone else have good luck with this dip bait.
  2. Nate

    Nate New Member

    OH - IO
    I've never caught a single fish on any dip or dough bait. I've tried many of them also. I think fish here in Northern Ohio are too smart to take dips and doughs or something. Only thing I ever catch cats on up here are nightcrawlers, and live or cut bait.


    ASASIN Guest

    Sonny's is an excellent bait. The only bait I've ever fished with that catches more catfish is Cattracker baits. Jo Jo's Pole Snatcher and Wicked Sticky being my favorites. Yesterday I fished for 4 hours and caught 200 plus fish, with the majority of them pushing a pound and the biggest being around 2 1/4. I chum with cracked corn/milo to get them whipped into a feeding frenzy. I chummed 10 gallons yesterday, I normally only chum 5 gallons. God bless.
  4. mycat

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    winston sa
    Have used blood&regular Sonnys & if they are going to hit anything they will hit it good here. No biggies on it , 6or 7 lb. about largest.
  5. Whiskers4life

    Whiskers4life Guest

    Hey buddy, LOVE THAT Sstuff, but then again, it all depends again on the current and such.....but then again, you're dealing with a Channel, them stinkers will eat anything....EVEN SOAP...LOL....The biggest here on that bait, Scott (Catfishweirdo), and myself have pulled out 18 pounders, but then again, its all on the time and place I guess....