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    If you purchased a sonar unit in 2000 or maybe earlier, did you know that there are upgrades for it? Yep, there are, just go online to the maker of your unit. Be sure to check your unit and see what the last upgrade on your unit was. Then download from the manufactures the next upgrades after the one on your unit. I have a Lowrance and my last upgrade was 1.7.0 (upgraded in July 2007) and they currently have a 1.9.0. According to a friend (turfman) you can use your Lake Map chip for this upgrade or you can buy a new chip and download onto that and then download into your sonar unit. You will have to buy a device for the chip holder, about 12 to 13 dollars at most outlets, to download the data. The foregoing method of upgrading is a lot cheaper than buying a new unit. If, you are like me and don't understand how to do it (ThaBear did mine), get a friend or one of your children or grandchildren to do it for you, it really makes them feel special to do something for you and they are.

    If I omitted something, I'm sure someone will offer us additional advice and it would be welcomed.

    Also, some companies will download the lastest editions for your unit, if you will mail them the unit and pay for return postage. Be sure to check and see if the manufacture of your unit has this program.
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    Mac is correct about the upgrade it was real easy actually. I first went and bought a mmc card at best buy and also a card reader. Just a little hint try to remember how much memory you need before getting to best buy and you will not have to call someone and ask them to get on the computer for you thanks again wyliecat. lol Then came home and went to and found the upgrade area. After upgrading to your computer then just save it to the chip. Here is where i had my problem the chip i bought upgraded fine but when i put it into my unit it would not accept the upgrade so I called Lowrance and the guy went over everything with me. To some miracle I had done everything right, so he said I needed to try a different brand chip. Since I was kinda bitter that it didn't work I said the heck with it and decided to try my navionics mmc card out and see if I could upgrade onto it. Since those things aren't cheap I was really nervous but being pissed and having 20 miles to the store changed my mind. I checked the card and it had plenty of free storage on it so what the heck. It worked like a champ I saved the upgrade to the navionics card then put it in my unit and turned it on. The upgrade started immediately with me having to do anything else. I have noticed there is a heck of a lot more functions on my unit now since the upgrade. It was well worth the time and hassles.