Sonar Dead Zone

Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by onlyriverfish, May 21, 2007.

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    What am I missing in the "dead zones" with my sonar?

    [SIZE=-1]definitly[/SIZE] something to say for those that do fish structure regardless if arch is seen or not.

    One reason I run two sonars at opposite sides is an attempt to have one catch what the other would miss esp. at a sloping bank situation.

    A narrow cone angle lessons the chances of this, but have never seen HB/lowrance/other brand comparisons with the new multibeam xducers.

    Wondering what others might have learned about this as it is not talked about much:smile2:
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    About the time I think I have this figured out, and then ............................

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    I guess the more we read from the producers of the units the more we start to understand how much the common user dosen't know. My 520c sure keeps Sara happy looking at all those fish right below us. I've learned if the area look like a place to fish-then fish it.
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    That is what I like about mine.:cool2:
    AS it covers the whole water column. So it should take care of it.
    But I do believe a standard unit, Will not show all that is below the boat. Would like to see more on this subject. Also foot for thought.
    A sunk barge on Ky lake. In both views. As you can see it does not look the same.
    This one is showing all the tree tops. But the standard unit dose not show them all. Even though all that that are in the center is under the boat.
    When will makers turn a standard unit into one that shows a picture of hat is under the boat?
    What would you rather see? The tree trunk that is sticking out and you can see it? Or the standard unit that shows it somehow.? Also look around the shot and see what is left out.