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    with the State of Oklahoma

    The debate continues about a law signed to protect citizens' rights.
    If there's a state of emergency, the governor of Oklahoma can institute curfews, restrict street access and prevent protests.

    But he can't take away your gun, according to a new state law passed earlier this year.

    The legislation, meant to ensure residents' Second Amendment rights are not infringed in a time of crisis, was inspired by stories coming out of Louisiana after the landfall of Hurricane Katrina one year ago today.

    Chaos and violence followed the disaster in New Orleans, and authorities reportedly began collecting personal guns in an attempt to restore peace. Police said it was too difficult to distinguish between looters, other criminals and people just trying to protect themselves.

    Rep. Kevin Calvey saw the panic first-hand. He was stationed in New Orleans with the Oklahoma Army National Guard, and said fear and uncertainty were pervasive. But in his opinion, it didn't warrant taking a law-abiding citizen's gun.

    There were not enough law enforcement officers to keep the peace, and 911 calls were going unanswered. People had to fend for themselves, Calvey said.

    "In a situation like that, you want as many law-abiding citizens as possible to have guns to protect themselves and their homes," said Calvey, R-Del City, who co-sponsored the legislation.
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    Lawrence You are so right on this one! If the goverment can collect all the guns that We law abiding Folks own they would Be free to up our taxes and everything else to feed that nest of Crooks in washingtoi D.C.I for one am sick of the sisuation and something needs to CHANGE! VOTE THE BUMS OUT!!! Boy now Larence You Got Me Wound up Diden't Ya. LOL :big_smile: