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    Good post Mac, sad but it's true.

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    I've grown up fishing the upper end of the Santee river system as did my father and his father before him. I've heard great stories about the stripers, white bass , and bream catches of past years. While I believe that the damage man has done to the environment and the introduction of non native species like flatheads, blues, and white perch have been far more detrimental to the native fisheries than over fishing, responsible harvest is still a tremendous part of being a good steward of the environment. The thing that concerns me is that if overfishing were really the cause of the problem, populations could be improved very quickly by simply limiting catches. The fact that the striper numbers continue to decline in many of our lakes even though we try to take fewer and fewer fish points to more serious issues.
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    If you want to read a sad story about Santee there is a good book out and still in print about its history,its called "Wild and Wonderful Santee Cooper Country.I found it a while back by going right to the author W.Horace Carter,Atlantic Publishing Co,PO Box 67,Tabor City Nc 28463.It covers the lakes from there beginning with stories by the famous guides etc.It shows just how greed ruined the bass,striper and now catfishing.One crappie fisherman and his son caught 6500lbs of crappies every year.Any Santee regular would like this book and it makes a good fathers day gift.I bought a couple and gave one to BLACKWATERCATS also.It was 12$ if I remember right.:big_smile: