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    I thought I'd share this with you folks, so maybe you won't go through the same frustrations that I am.

    If you do business with any stores who use the "Telecheck" service, do not write a check. Period, end of story. Believe me, it'll end up saving you embarrassment and frustration in the long run.

    Yesterday I took my 6 year old son to the local farm & ranch store to buy him a coat. At the checkout counter, the kid asked me if I'd like him to electronically scan my check or send it to the bank. I told him it didn't matter. He ran my check through, and it was denied. He turned and kind of sneered at me that I would have to use other means for payment. I asked him what the problem was, and he said the receipt had a phone number on it if I wanted to "dispute the findings" of telecheck, but I would have to offer payment of some other sort for the coat. There was a long line of people behind me, and they were all glaring at me like I was some sort of loser, so I went to a nearby bench in the store and called the 800 number on the receipt.

    Let me interject this in the story at this point: I am 33 years old and have banked at the same bank since I was 9. I have never and I do mean NEVER had a check come back to a store in my life. Part of the fun of living in a small town, is getting to bank at a small-town bank. These people treat me like family. Even when I was young and dumb, the bank would cover all my checks and just charge me a fee, but in my adult life I have never written a single bad check. I'm a little anal about it. My account is 24 years old, and I have overdraft protection, a savings account at this bank, my mortgage is through this bank, etc.... I guess I'll probably die with money in this bank. Anyway, back to the story.....

    The fella at the 800 # that I call informs me that I have a hot check #1026 at Wal Mart in Lawton, OK for $190. I told him that I wrote check #1026 at least 15 years ago, and there's no way a check came back to their store. He wouldn't hear it. Being the hotheaded fella that I am, I decided to allow my wife to handle it from there. To make a long story short, someone with a drivers license close in # to mine, wrote a hot check at that Wal Mart. The clerk at that particular wal mart entered my drivers license number in place of whoever actually wrote the check, and therefore my license is now linked to the other person's bank account. Evidently this is a rather common occurance. They told my wife that it was easily corrected, just to have ME contact the bank that the check was written on, have them mail me a letter on their letterhead stating that I didn't have an account there, and then mail that letter to Telecheck, and they would get to it in due time and all would be fixed. In other words, I need to prove to them that I'm not the bum who wrote the hot check. But once I prove myself innocent, my wife and I can write checks on our checking account once again. We can still write checks, as long as it's not to a business who uses an electronic check program to follow up on your "funding."

    So..... to all you folks out there who do business with stores with "telecheck" you can rest assured, eventually this will happen to you or someone you know. It makes no difference how much money is in your account, or that you didn't write a bad check. Even if something as simple as a clerk mistakenly puts your DL # in the system when a bad check is written, you are cornholed. It ain't a whole lotta fun, so I hope you handle it well.:angry:
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    a little ticked off myself. I refuse to write checks, I either pay the cash or it doesn't get bought. Our bills are always paid by money orders. That way there is no mix ups of any kind and we as a family know no one is gonna mess with us and everything is paid.:angry:

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    That almost makes me glad I'm bankrupt...really:confused2:
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    This can happen with a lot of other things too.

    In my example it was with my husband's credit. I have an adult son. He, at 18 was irresponsible and immature. He had moved out from home and rented something or another from one of those rental places. He did not return nor pay for it. His name is not the same as my husband's but close. They have the same first name and last name. Thier social security numbers are different. The son used our home address. That was his until a few months before. Of course, thier birthdays are different as well.

    To our horror, we find this error of our son's on my husband's credit! We called the credit reporting agency and was told the only one that could remove it was the reporter. We called the reporter and was basically told 'tough beans'. We contacted the attorney general and several other such agencies, and FINALLY after three months of letters and faxes and legal documentation, it was removed from our credit.

    Of course that isn't the end of the nightmare. Some five years later, it shows up YET AGAIN on our (his) credit report. We had saved all the documentation from before (thank goodness) and this time it only took us TWO months to get it straight, and this time was forwarded and straight with all three or four reporting agencies.

    It can happen with about anything you deal in. You have to watch your own back and when and if it does happen to you, YOU bear the burden of proof.

    Sorry that happened to you
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    Years ago, I ordered a book from some magazine. I sent the book company a check and they sent me the book. Some time passed and I received a dun from the book company for the book. Of course I replied I had paid. This went back and forth for a period of time and they threatened me with a collection agency. Wanting to put a stop to the nonsense, I sent the book company a xerox of my canceled check on a sheet of plain paper for proof of payment and I'll be ding-dong-diddley-dad-burned if they didn't cut it out and my bank cashed the copy. Needless to say, after a significant amount of whining on my part, the bank credited my account.
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    Jerrod, I can understand why you would have been upset.

    We very seldom use checks for anything. We make all purchases with cash back credit cards. Monthly bills are auto bank drafted on due dates.

    When we lived in TX our bank called us and asked if we had made a $6000 cash withdraw. We hadn't, a woman (of another race) with drivers license with my wifes name had made the withdraw from a branch location in a near by town. The bank refused to give more info, of course they replaced the $6000. We felt sure the individual that withdrew the cash was working with a bank employee for she withdrew the complete account.