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    there is something decidedly odd going on at Pyramid Lake right now. the water level in the lake has dropped another 6' since I was there last week when it was already lower than I've ever seen it.
    Today the inlet was running water into the lake but the water level still dropped a good 6" while I was there this morning.
    There was supposed to be a trout plant by the DFG this week but it had not materialized by this morning . I threw a trout pattern swim bait at the marina for a while any way with no effect. Tried soaking anchovies just past the boat docks but no takers on that either and while I was fishing the mud from the inlet started spreading out into the lake so I gave it up. Don't know if the mud was from increased water flow or if the water level drop was eroding the sand bar at the inlet side of the launch ramp. I could see that the water drop had exposed an edge to the sand bar. Anyway it was a total bust as far as fishing, I had to quit at 1:00pm and I usually stay til closing time.