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    Last night around 5PM I was talking to a friend of mine. I was told that I needed to call her as she had been trying to reach me. After several failed attemps knowing she caller ID I figured whereever she was she would return my call.I was right at 5PM my phone rang,I told her "been tryin repeatedly to call ya and see what U wanted".She became real quiet and said,"Pat I just returned home,I've been in Forest City(3 miles west of Oregon where I live) at a fatal car accident between a car and semi. Come to find out that we know a girl who is Jessica's Classmate in 8th grade,that was related and close to the woman who was killed. My friend was there striving to do crowd control. Unfortunately,there seems to be a bunch of people who want to be lookieloos at bad accidents,so she was trying to get the crowd to back away and allow the Paramedics to do their job. Wasn't anything they could do as the lady went through her windshield and landed on opposite side of road,so they called for the cornorer.My friend told me she had to break the news to a young man who happened to be the son of the victim. She said he went beserk. My point to all of this is,this is a real tradgedy.The lady was only in her middle 40's. Brothers and Sisters,we all get in our cars and trucks of a morning and drive to where we need to be. Please be very careful while driving.Accidents happen in a heartbeat,familys lose a mother,father.a child.Life is precious and can be over in the blink of an eye.Lets make sure that we tell our loved ones that we love them all the time cause we just don't know when our time will be up.I would hate to hear of any of you guys being involved in a bad accident or worse.So be careful ya all,I care about all of ya.Please take care and strive to be as safe as ya can,no speeding,wear seatbelts,just be careful please.Sister Pat