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Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by flathunter, May 26, 2008.

  1. flathunter

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    I fish circle hooks for flatheads with good results.

    Years ago when I used J hooks I would have the ocassionl fish that would pick up the bait and run to me.

    This would make circle hooks useless because you depend on the fish loading the rod up.

    Do you guys ever have a fish run towards you?.
    Because in my last 7 years of using circles it has never happened, flats or channels.
  2. dafin

    dafin New Member

    In one of the places i fish for flats they run to me more often than not, most of the other spots it seldom happens

  3. hunted

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    washington court house,oh
    that is a very good question.i guess you let him either keep going til he turns,do the pay lake 50 yard dash to get the slack outta the line and hope the hook might set,or just sit and scratch yer head and hope he swims in your net.maybe throw a rock out his way and maybe he will change direction.

    a pay lake i used to fish,we casted to a spring,and they always ran back to we had to reel as much slack line up as possible,then take a few steps back to make sure and set the hook.i have never had one run back to me,except at that spot.
  4. crackers

    crackers New Member

    It is a very easy answer if you just think about it, its because when the fish picks up the bait with the circle hook in it it makes him run in circles and gets dizzy and swallows the bait. does that sound right to you
  5. tomh

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    Yesterday at Dillion, fishing cutbait on a circle hook, one of my lines went slack while drifting
    : reeled up and channel was hooked, or got hooked, when I tightened the line. Figure he picked up bait and swam toward boat. First time I've had that happen in my limited, 2 years, of drifting for channels.

  6. catfishrollo

    catfishrollo New Member

    i rarely have flatheads swim towards me when im in the boat. most are swimming away . I have noticed that over 90 percent of the big flats I catch, take the bait and swim upstream for some reason. Im still old school using the j-style hooks, just can't change my ways I guess. Im just not sold on them for running large baits such as bass or bullheads. I quit using kahles years ago due to hooking back into the baits quite often, and haven't had any problems with the gamukatsu octupus hooks in the 8-10/0 range. Not saying I will never convert to circles, but im just stuck in a generation thing for now....rollo
  7. RetiredToFish

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    Newark, Ohio
    Jack ... I believe that the configuration and sharpness of the "Circle Hook" is enough to set with nothing more than the weight and resistance of the sinker. It may not penetrate as deep on the initial run, but believe one good shake of it's head and that should do it. .... Garry-
  8. loanwizard

    loanwizard Well-Known Member

    I am surprised that you have fish run toward you being predominantly a bank fisherman. I had one run toward me last night (actually 2, possibly same fish). With the current we were tying off to trees and branches (near shore). Tony heard one working near shore and I lobbed a gill 12 feet from the boat. Fish came right at us into the tree. 7lb 12 oz at 5 am.

    Circles are not much different than j hooks only it takes a different touch. With a J you feel the pressure then lay it home, whereas a circle you need a little more pressure to rotate the hook and then once the fish is on you still "seat" the hook. Either way, when the fish comes at you you need a deft touch and a bit o luck. Draw in the slack and feel the pressure, engage..... FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Vukhufu

    Vukhufu New Member

    This seems to happen quite often to me. I mainly fish the river from the bank. Bait on the bottom and line tight in the current. Alot of times when a fish takes the bait it will swim towards me and the bank. Instead of my rod bending over the line just goes really slack. Hasnt been a problem yet. I think when a fish runs towards me and feels little to no initial resistance it can be a good thing cause once you reel up all the slack and feel the fish on there you know it has taken the bait and taken it good. Once you get line tension just maintain line tension. I use circle hooks and although this seems to happen to me as often as a fish running in any other random direction I cant say its a problem. When you reel up the slack and the fish feels the resistance it will change direction and circle hook itself.

    Oh and I'll take a run towards me over no run at all anytime!

    Oh and another PS.. I use circle hooks but I leave reels in free-spool. I have lost a few rods in my time so now I only turn on anti-reverse when I have the rod in my hand.. then let the fish load up the rod and begin reeling it in. Its become a habit of mine where if I set down a rod in its holder I turn anti-reverse off.. if I pick up a rod I turn anti-reverse on even if I'm just checking my bait or changing locations. Rod in holder free-spool... Rod in hand anti-reverse!