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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Arkie55, Jul 5, 2006.

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    Went out a while around noon yesterday to catch some bait size bream. I ended up with 27 from 3 to 5 inches long. I kept them in a cooler in lake water until I got them home. Once I got them home, (some alive, most dead) I placed them in a zip-lock bag, squeezed out the air, and placed them in the freezer. I've never used cut bream (always use skipjace and shad) and of course never froze any. Talke to me about the best way to cut them, (fillet, sections, chunk) and what to expect. Plan on fishing tomorrow. What should I expect? I do have some shad and a few fresh skipjack too but wanted to give the bream a try.
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    I only use fresh gills for cut bait. I cut them just like a shad and hook them the same. I have most luck with the head. It seems to tear em up. Good luck on the water brother.

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    You can cut them in three sections, head middle tail. Fillet them as you stated. Can also butterfly them. I have not had much succes with frozen bait. Next time I go fishing I am going to catch some bream and use my small portable aeriator.
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    there are a few ways to use bream some people use the head and middle of the fish cut and hooked. somepeople use them whole some people use the gut sack. I use the first head and middle and whole live. as for freezing the bream I have never tried but I would add some rock salt are pickling salt to water and cover the bream in saltwater before you freeze them to help keep the bait fresh. also freeze them whole not cut.
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    I find it better to use them fresh instead of frozen. Just cut the head off while you're still fishin and get better results.
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    Terry, I only use fresh cut bluegills and my best results come from the bluegill head portion. Cut at a angle starting at the top of the head and angle down toward the anal fin. I run the hook through the eyes. This technique will cause a lot of bleeding and also have a good portion of the gut pocket. With the hook going through the eyes, this leaves plenty of the point and barb exposed for a solid hook set. Good luck.

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    I've only ever used them as live bait. I have heard many people having great luck with their cut heads though.
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    I use the frozen bream -when i run out of everything else- as cut bait on limb lines with little success.