Some questions about noodlin

Discussion in 'Alternative Methods of Catching Catfish' started by Steph, Sep 10, 2009.

Have you ever been noodlin?

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  3. I want too

  4. Too scared

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  1. Steph

    Steph New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohi
    Yes, noodlin. I've always thought that it was kind of neat that people can go in the waters, and pull a big fish out with their hands.
    Anyways, I want to try it maybe at least ONCE just to say I have done it before, not many girls get the chance to say it :roll_eyes:
    But, I know nothing about it. Are there certain times of the year when you can do it, or stuff like that?

    I talked to some people in chat today about it, some said they've done it and some were too scared :tounge_out:..

    If anyone can give any insight to it, it'll be appreciated! Hehe :cool2:
  2. slimdaddy

    slimdaddy Well-Known Member

    Nelsonville, Oh
    i beleive its illegal in ohio you have to go west to do that

  3. Steph

    Steph New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohi

    Ahh see didn't know haha :smile2: to bad huh
  4. Ms. Cat'n Around

    Ms. Cat'n Around New Member

    Vanceboro, North Carolina
    Hey Steph, sorry I have no advice to offer you. I have never done it either, I think it would be neat also to be able to say that it was something you have done. I must say, I myself am a lil leary of trying it though. I think I'd have to be with a few friends that wanted to try it too, a group effort!:wink: I'm sure someone else will be able to give you the advice you're looking for, good luck!
  5. Garrett Cope

    Garrett Cope New Member

    Columbus Ohio
    The only noodlin' i'm gonna be doing involves a bowl,a spoon and a red n' white can;). But good luck to ya and be safe (serious noodlers will tell ya it can be pretty a pretty dangerous activity).
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  6. rockbass

    rockbass New Member

    I'm with you on this one Steph. I have always thought it would be fun to do just to see if I could find and land a fish.

    I have been out "noodling" Snapping Turtles in rivers and creeks in Tusc, Harrison, Guernsey, and Belmont counties here in Ohio, but not for cats. You'd think that with all the snakes, muskrats, and turtles we have come across there would have been a cat in the mix :confused2:
  7. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    Noodling for catfish is illegal in Ohio, and I am glad...They target fish on the spawning beds.
  8. pendog66

    pendog66 New Member

    Brookville OH
    i think i like my fingers too much to stick my hand in a hole underwater. But hey get a few beers in me and who knows:smile2:
  9. fmb

    fmb New Member

    I'm all for vs nature...with nothing in between...

    I first tried it in a shallow river just searching for holes or deep spots...the problem is flatheads are the only ones that stay in the holes channels run away...

    from what I gather the act of noodling is not illegal but taking fish out of the water that way is...anyways no one is sitting in the pen for noodling that I know of!!!!!!!!!! :smile2:

    wear gloves and beware of snappers and old hooks and a little liquid courage helps with the gitters:crazy: good luck
  10. whiteriver

    whiteriver New Member

    Steph; One thing you will regret in latter life is the things you haven't done. There are several ladies that have noodled and there is no reason for you not to. You will find that most of the people that have not was because they were afraid. One piece of advice I will give you is never go alone. There are several reasons why, getting caught under water, getting hurt, out of fuel, a great trip that you wish someone was there to share with. I met a lady here in Indiana that had lost her husband to cancer and one of their last conversations was about her going on with her life and doing things that she had always wanted to do. For some reason noodling was one of them so this year during the Paul's Valley Noodling Festival in Paul's Valley OK she went to see what it was all about. Much to her surprise and joy she found several people who were willing to take her out and show her how it was done. She carries her photos with her everywhere she goes and is quick to show them.
    She managed to get one of about 15 pounds and was so very proud of it and knew that if her husband were still around, he would have been too.
    You can Google Paul's Valley and find a lot about the festival and noodling. you can also go on youtube and find lots of vids about noodling, several of which feature girls. Don't listen to nay sayers, follow you heart and enjoy your life, it will be the only one you have. I was one who voted yes! ---An old man in the twilight.
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  11. SouthGADan

    SouthGADan New Member

    Lyons, GA
    I would like to try it at least once, but only with someone who knows what they're doing. It wouldn't be any dumber than some of the other things I've done...
  12. doughboy

    doughboy New Member

    I too would like to try it just to say I did it ,but they have already said its illegal to do it in Ohio. May have to make a trip out west.
  13. Dirtdobber

    Dirtdobber Guest Staff Member

    Vian Okla
    I have noodled most of my life. I don't any more because I can't hold a big fish now(Hands are messed up from work). As Whiteriver said do not try it alone. A big fish can hurt you if you don't know what to do. There are a lot of people that will help you learn, just be careful.

    When I worked at the Sheriffs office I had to help recover 2 guys that didn't know what they were doing and had to much liquid courage and drown. No fish is worth your life.
  14. JBrooks

    JBrooks New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    One of the reasons I won't do it. :wink:
    A fight on R&R decimates grabbing something and yanking it out of the water.
  15. etexun

    etexun New Member

    Texas (Nea
    Interesting responses. I have to say it is not for me. My hands have had several operation and I know I couldn't hold a big flathead if he decided to twist on me. But if you want to, I say go for it. It would be something you can always say you did once. Just be safe and have someone close if you need them.
  16. restorerancientiron

    restorerancientiron New Member

    Cadiz, KY
    I guess I would have to say it is not for me.Cat fishing is relaxation time for myself.I watched a program one time showing a noodling tourney and one of them had a pontoon boat and was using a generator and and air compressor.Like the one you get from home depot with 40 feet of ice maker hose.He would dive to the fifteen feet or so deep holes using his "scuba gear".That to me wasn't very relaxing but it sure was entertaining.
    The main thing is to ones self be true if you want to try it by all means go for it.Like others said though I would want to go with a seasoned pro the first few times.Good Luck and Best Wishes
  17. Sound

    Sound New Member

    In Arkansas its a legal method of fishing with a specific season. Most of the people I know make boxes or used old bath tubs and such during the season. You must grab the fish by hand and remove it from the water. Reason they make their own traps is avoiding snakes and turtles. They make sure that no air is trapped in the box. With no air the turtles and snakes don't stay in the box long if they do go in. Personally I like having all my fingers lol. If I ever decided to try it I would use something the size of a shoe box. Think I can handle a lil 2 pounder lol. Youtube has a lot of videos of it and thats good enough for me.
  18. bluecatnut

    bluecatnut New Member

    freeburg illinois
    been grabbin since i was 15 yr and sittin in the boat watchin the family grab since i was 5. and the best weapon to have with u is common sense
    here are a couple suggestions so u have a safe and fun trip.
    never fish alone.
    watch out for holes in shallow water cause their may be an air pocket in the hole and nasty critter may be lurkin ie muskrat turtle snakes so go deeper under water to prevent this.

    one of the easier ways is to sink a couple 55 gal barrels i leave one end closed and tie it down with 5 cinder blocks then u don't have to worry about finding u own holes. i write a hole little article after i get off work but i hope this helps
  19. Catmanblues

    Catmanblues New Member

    S.E Ohio
    I've tried it many a year ago. Never caught anything myself.
  20. Steph

    Steph New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohi

    Thanks so much for the input. Yeah I would never ever go alone and I'd go with a group of people and someone who's done it of course, I want to be smart about it :cool2: