Some People Think It The Unforgivable Sin .

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Ace, May 11, 2006.

  1. Ace

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    Gastonia N
    Why do you think it wrong for some one to keep a large catfish to eat?
    Why do people say to release the big one and keep the small ones?
    Why do people act like you are doing a great wrong?
    Do you think it should be that person decision to keep or release?

    On the other hand people that fish also deer hunt but they say let the little ones walk but shoot the big ones.
    If you take a small buck or doe they think it wrong!

    What is your opinion ? :0a36: :0a21: :0a31:

  2. Ol Man

    Ol Man New Member

    I don't know about you, Ace, but I couldn't eat 50# of anything:lol:

    I believe that two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different.

  3. fat_fish55

    fat_fish55 New Member

    i agree with letting the big ones go
    i mean if that fish has been alive 15, 20 years i think it is only right to let it live on
    each person has thier own choise though as long as thier are no laws against it

    i also see the deer hunting part. every single time you pass on a smaller deer this year that just increases your odds for a monster next year
    especialy if you are someone who kills the little ones and then complains there is no big deer where you hunt
    when i bowhunt though i still kill whatever walks in front of me but now that iv kiled more ill prolly start changing that
  4. Mildog

    Mildog Member

    I think if you are going to eat the fish then keep it. I see in some posts that some people think the larger fish aren't as good to eat, but I could not tell you. I have not caught one big enough to tell the difference.

    I don't think that any fish should be kept to hang on a wall. If you need to have a trophy, you can have a replica made. The fish in my avatar was immediatly released after the picture was taken. (I did not feel like cleaning it :tounge_out:)
  5. Gator

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    Ludowici GA
    When I hunt deer I hunt for meat and if it is leagle I will shoot it. Big little old or young. If i am fishing for fun they all go back if I am fishing for food I will keep what I need no matter the size as long as it is leagle.
  6. Phil Washburn

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    Shawnee OK
    well well well.....another thread headed for HI, then out the back door to forever disappear:big_smile:

    like another bro said years ago - i practice cpr - i release all my fish to lake crisco
  7. dinkbuster1

    dinkbuster1 New Member

    it all depends on the area of the country. here in ohio a 30lb flat is very very rare while a 30lb flat, or blue, say in oklahoma is very common, no doubt as common as a 5-8lb flat here. i have eaten big blues from pay-lakes, they were very good and i imagine a flat is the same but i would never kill or remove a 20+lb fish from a public water here in ohio, and would get very upset if i seen anyone else doing it. (its now law to release any flat 35+ inces long) if i did i would no doubt be removing the biggest fish in a 15 mile stretch of river. i can understand the anger at some of those that get upset about killing a 20lb+ fish but i dont think they understand how common bigger fish are in other states. if your area can support it, and not destroy opportunities for others then i have no problem with someone killing a 30+lb blue or flat. sure wish we could do it here, I LOVE TO EAT FISH!
  8. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    I can understand why many want to release big fish if its true that they reproduce more as they get older. If so Id like to see more slot limits. Personally Ive released every cat Ive caught the last few years. If you want to keep your fish go for it and enjoy.

    Deer hunting hits closer to home for me, I dont care if you take a spike and are proud of it. Every deer is a trophy, especially the first. I dont like it when people complain or whine when they dont see any big ones after shooting spikes. You've got to let them go to let them grow. For deer you can get big bucks in a small amount of time, a few years. When shooting the first thing you see you never know what was behind it.
  9. Ace

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    Gastonia N
    Dragger's friend runs A Guide Service at Santee Cooper. He took 9 ton of Catfish from the 2 Santee Cooper Lakes in 2005.These lakes keep producing large catfish of all species year after year.Releasing fish is not their policy but keeping fish is their lively hood.I agree with Dinkbuster1.Everyone has a right to their opinion whether everyone agrees or not.

  10. Scott Daw

    Scott Daw New Member

    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    when it comes to deer hunting, Im a meat hunter so if its brown its down (as long as its a legal animal) which in my neighborhood is a buck with 3 points to one side, each point being a minimum of an inch to be considered a point. When it comes to fishing, thats different. If Im having a big fish fry or in a few years when I'll have a bigger family to feed, then yes I will keep a big fish. For now, I just have my wife, so a few small ones will suffice if I can catch them. Otherwise, let the big fish go. Their the breeders. let em go so they can make more eater sized fish. If you need that much meat and its not going to go to waste then there shouldnt be a problem with keeping it. If you want it to show off then take a picture.
  11. citori59

    citori59 New Member

    I fish for cats because they are about the best eating around. I eat all that I catch and stop when I've caught all my family can eat the next day. I have never caught a really big cat but if I did I'd eat it too.
  12. Raypo

    Raypo New Member

    I would ever blame anybody for eating a 50# cat..... all I Know is that I'm jealous that I didnt catch it.....
  13. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special New Member

    If it's legal to keep a big one and you want to keep it, then it's nobody's business but yours. I usually keep them up to about 6 or 7 pounds, but I give the meat away from the bigger ones and keep the little 1 to 3 pounders for eating. In my opinion, they taste better and are not quite as contaminated as the bigger ones
  14. astutzman

    astutzman New Member

    Collinsville, IL

    That's what I was thinking the whole time while reading this thread. It isn't the good ol' days anymore, where you could eat all the fish you caught. There are so many contaminants in the environment now, that there's no way I'd eat any big fish that I could catch around my area.
  15. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    I have no problem with someone catching a large catfish to eat. You have to be open minded to why. Maybe that person and his family loves the taste of fish and probably doesnt have a whole lot of money to eat out and its easier on the grocery bill. Nothing wrong with putting meat on the dinner table as long as it was harvested legally.

    Its a way of life on how they were brought up and thats what they believe in. Its a peace of mind they have knowing that there will be big catfish in their local waters for their kids to grow and catch in the future.

    Simply because they were taught different. Thats the nature of a human being, if it does not conform to their way of standards and beliefs, then it must be wrong. It doesnt have to be right or wrong but rather our opinion on the source.

    Absolutely, as long as its done legally. Who am I to judge that persons freedom of choice.

    my opinion aligns with the balance of the herd and what is best to preserve and manage the population of the herd. If I see 2 bucks in a field, one trophy buck that is healthy and a small spike that has been wounded and suffering, I will take out the small one, and fill the freezer. One of the things that I see a lot is there are tons of buck hunters out there that wont shoot does. This hurts the buck-to-doe ratio of the herd population and could cause poor genetics over a period of time. Then they wonder why their hunting grounds only have a few small bucks with poor genetics and tons of does.
  16. HARVRAD2003

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    I'm sure I don't have much room to talk especially since the largest cat I've ever caught was 8 lb. and I never have went hunting except as a young kid. However I would probably eat a cat as much as 10 to 15 lbs. and I agree I'd throw the biggins back in to reproduce more, if I ever have the opportunity to deer hunt I'd probably go to put food in my freezer and I wouldn't necessary go after the biggest or the biggins. I think you brought up a great question and I've seen some of the catfish videos that have been put out and they do mention that maybe keeping on 30-40 lb. is not so bad but when you keep everyone and depleat the stock in our rivers and lakes then that's not good for the next generations.
  17. Dragger

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    North Carolina
    I do keep a good amount of fish, we have a lot of fishfrys for the family and other occasions . We give some to different familys who don't have the time or the means to get fresh fish, and they love to get them. I give some to a lady that is 94 years old, and every time that I take her fish she tells me that she loves sea-food, It don't matter what kind of fish it is ,to her it is sea-food........
  18. shortshank

    shortshank New Member

    Having caught 200, 300+ pound sturgeon here in Oregon, I agree and understand legal limits. When you go fishing is it with the idea " I'm keeping every fish I catch"? When I go, I know there is going to be, that elusive 6in. something
    get caught by me or someone I'm fishing with. I wouldn't think of keeping it. I feel the same way about 5lbs. and over catfish. How many eggs does a 5-10lb. catfish lay? A 20-50lb? Someone took the time to investigate the maturity of sturgeon and found they had to be 6ft. in length to be mature. No one says we can't catch the 7-8-9ft. and above. You just have to turn them loose so they can reproduce. My Grandson has never hooked a monster catfish, or sturgeon. The legal release will sure help to see he gets a chance at both. If he hunts, like grandpa did, I can't imagine him comming home saying look at this deer I just got, it still has white spots. Tagging & inspection stations give us lots of information on aging elk and deer by teeth wear and antlers. Some rules..limits are not just directed at us. My opinion.
  19. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    Yep, that 1st deer is definitely a trophy!
    I haven't caught a really big cat yet, but I bow killed my 1st deer this past new years eve & I was REALLY pumped! :big_smile:
  20. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    Sorry Dink, but you are aloud to keep one flathead 35" or over, per day.
    I haven't see the day when I have caught more than one over 35". Which brings me to my point. How many of us really put fish populations in danger from over harvesting? I know I don't, shoot I am lucky to catch a few small ones. I do catch a few a year between 10 and 20 #s but I put them back because of all of the hassle involved in bringing them home and cleaning them. I have about 5 # of fillets in the freezer and I won't bring anything home till that gets eaten. Then I will start over. I like to cook whole fillets so a 2,3,or 4 # channel is my first choice. 5 to 7 # flats after that.
    It all boils down to personal choice and the law.
    I have enough business to take care of my own, that I don't want or need to be the cat fish police.
    I just looked out the window, and it sure enough was still, The good old USA out there.