Some input from Georgia members

Discussion in 'LOCAL GEORGIA TALK' started by catfishinrepoman, Feb 12, 2007.

Would you like to see a booth for the BOC at the next fisharama?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. dont really care

  4. I dont live in georgia but i would like to see it happen

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  1. catfishinrepoman

    catfishinrepoman New Member

    the georgia fisharama/turkeyrama was this weekend in perry ga. unfortunately i didnt see a booth for the boc anywhere there....i would like some input to see if we can get a booth or get enough members interested to run a booth next year during the two fisharamas i would like to hear input from our fearless leaders also... i do know that when my dad asked about a booth they said we could set up in nonprofit area....but i didnt wait to hear the fees....lets get some input on this please
  2. Creteus

    Creteus New Member

    Loganville, GA
    Never been to one. Sounds good to me though. Anything to bring in more ga members..

  3. Catnewb101

    Catnewb101 New Member

    Marietta, Georgia
    yeah thats a good idea...but the only thing wrong about that is Turkeyrama. No offense, but i dont think a barbequer or a chef would want to sign up for a catfishing site, but hey what do i know, they could fish and you did say fishorama. i say do it!