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    Here are some fishing facts I found. Hope you enjoy them.

    ■ Nationwide, anglers spent about $41.5 billion in retail sales pursuing their sport during 2001.

    ■ $736,575,125 in retail sales was generated by Illinois anglers, which rippled through the economy to generate $1.6 billion in economic output for the state.

    ■ The Illinois fishing industry supports nearly 13,000 jobs and those workers earned $398 million in salaries and wages.

    ■ Fishing-related purchases in Illinois generated $9 million in state tax revenues and $73 million in federal income tax.

    ■ Illinois annually receives more than $5 million of Federal Aid for Sport Fish Restoration funds from excise taxes paid by anglers on purchases of fishing equipment and tackle. This money funds fisheries management and research.

    ■ Every year 1.2 million Illinois anglers (including kids less than 16 years old) fish 16.1 million days.

    ■ 15% of Illinois’ resident anglers are also hunters: 58% of Illinois’ resident hunters are also anglers.

    ■ Licensed resident anglers fish an average of 13 days/yr. In Illinois; licensed non-resident anglers fish an average of 5 days/year in Illinois.

    ■ Anglers spend an average of $37/angling day in Illinois for all fishing related expenses including: transportation, food, lodging, bait, equipment, clothing, boat, fuel, magazines, rentals, access fees, licenses, etc.

    Starfish have no brains.
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    Glad to see that fishing is strong in IL. We have a lot of good water here.

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    Those are some pretty awsome facts.
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    thats a lot of dough.