Some drift fishing/back dragging questions

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Team Hold EM Hook, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Team Hold EM Hook

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    Those of you who do this, have ya'll had better luck drifting up the humps, or down the humps? Across old creek channels, down them, or along the edge parallel to them?
  2. ncfowler

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    I do almost 99% drifting, I would say get a set of drift socks, I have a set of three sizes, i can use them in according to the wind conditions, I want to keep my speed under 1/2 mph. I use my trolling motor to keep my drift line. Knowing your area is key, when i come to a area i don't know i will make slow passes looking for drop off, structure, and other holds. Make note using a 3 point sight line of areas that look good. Using your depth finder and gps if you have one will help in drift lines and the possible holds. as far as fishing "humps" I find the area i fish the bottom of the drop off will hold cats during the day and in the evening they will move up to shallow water to feed, as the day proceeds i find fishing deeper waters is more productive, the biggest thing is to know the area by exploring and fishing often.