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June 18th. I picked up my grandson at 08:30 then headed to friend Joe’s home. We unloaded our gear into his car and headed to the small lake he has access too. 09:20 we arrived there and my grandson caught 5 bluegills by 09:35. The lake was clear and just a small patch of shade to use since the air was already very hot. Thankfully there was a breeze blowing most of the time.

Joe started things off with a catfish at 09:45, for he landed a cat. He was using cut up pieces of a hot seasoned mett. He stayed with that all day long for his bait. I was still catching bluegills for my grandson to use to catch a big bass. He did miss one on that bait as he was winding his line into the bank.

Joe landed another channel cat at 11:00, this one was 4.5lbs. I finally caught a channel cat at 11:05. I had raw shrimp as bait at that time. My fish weighed in at 5lbs. 5oz. Then my grandson had a catfish break his 12 lb. test line; the clip bobber was still on the line. He watched it just as the bobber was being pulled along, then he tried to net it with a dip net. The fish just stayed away from the bank where the net could not reach the fish. Then at 11:35 my grandson landed the biggest catfish of the day. This fish was 5lbs. 4 oz. caught with a piece of hot seasoned mett.

12:00 Joe caught another channel this one 3lbs.5 oz., 23 inches long. My grandson caught a catfish of the day at 12:15 on a live bluegill. This fish was 4lbs. 5 oz.. Joe caught the last catfish of the day, at the same time, his fish was 3lbs 10oz.

WE all had a good day of action, with catfish and bluegills. My grandson beat me again with bluegills 28 to my 15. He also beat me with the catfish 2 for him 1 for me. Joe was the guy with most catfish on the day! We packed it in at 12:45 for it was just way too hot to be out in the heat. Hopefully Joe will ask us back there in the future for more action
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