some blue catfish answers???

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    :crazy:i called game and fish today and i talked to 10 year hatchery specialist and they said that they have no future plans of releasing blue catfish at all.then i talked to two field officers and they also said that theyre was no future plans or even heard of blue catfish in arizona.

    hope this helps on some blue catfish facts:wink:
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    Sad situation. I know that there are waters in Az that would support such fishery. Sounds like a demand has to be made and petitions to go the the authorites there to help get a trophy catfishery besides flatheads going. They must not read magazines or much less visit catfishing forums. LOL.

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    I figured that i would post this...since I am sure that some of you may wonder how to identify a blue catfish from a channel. I have mentioned this before, but it doesn't hurt repeating.

    I know that there are some people who have caught some big blue-colored catfish from Roosevelt that look a lot like a blue catfish...myself included. I have listed a post below where some pics show the difference between the two. Blue catfish have a different looking anal fin than channel cats do. Their analy fin contains 30-35 spines and looks almost like it has been "straight-cut" with a pair of scissors. A channel cat will have a rounded anal fin with 22-27 spines. The larger catfish I have caught from Roosey had a rounded anal fin...clearly channel cats.