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    Finally, after finishing my 3rd degree, it is time to start doing what I like to do, drawing - Fine Arts.

    Back when I was younger, and fresh out of school, I was accepted w/ scholarship to Graduate School The Art Institute of Chicago. AND, I didn't go! I suppose it is one of those things, "everything happens for a reason". I was totally burnt out on school, and wanted to start earning money.

    Anyway, I plan to start doing what I like to do know, since I have a good career/job that pays my bills, so hopefully I can kick start my Artistic career again.

    I have attached a few pictures of some of my work..... I hope to do a drawing of a deer (buck) for my cabin, and eventually a catfish. I am currently working on a baseball portrait.

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    I"m some late on this one but those are really good! Thanks so much for sharing!