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    These were caught a week ago but I am getting around to posting. I was hoping to get out again and catch some to post a bigger report but this is the week before finals and stress is an understatement.

    The day went slow at first with a few 10lbers and lower being caught, no pics of them because I had high hopes. Later I started tossing the grits pack and imagine what happened next. If you guessed better fish and explosive runs you are right.

    A local had showed up to the bank and I was giving him the rundown on all things carp. I showed him the rods casting power, the hair rig, the boilies, flavored maize, everything I could. Made a batch of grits for him to see made and take notes, gave him the boxes so he could have the exact recipe and then we went to look at the pod and answer questions.

    Question 1
    When the fish take the bait how hard do they run, is it a slow take or.... Question was interrupted by screaming run while I was about to answer, the question answered itself with perfect timing that could never be planned.

    The whole time I had the fish on I could continue the clinic on fighting with a 12ft rod, how to judge size by fish action and the like. I was telling him that larger fish move side to side and take you everywhere, whereas smaller fish stay in a general area going side to side in short bursts. As I said this the fish darted to the bridge, reversed course and peeled about 50 yards off down the bank the other direction. Then he got a chance to net his first carp. It turned out to be a high 19lb carp with a huge tail and tons of fight.

    I finished giving him the how too of what I was doing, swapped numbers and he was off on his way, with a new carp magazine to peruse that was given to him by a guy I was fishing with.

    About an hour later another solid fish found itself to the bank weighing a respectable 17lbs and some odd ounces.

    I have many more pictures to post when I develop a roll of film. On that you can see another day of excellent hauling, my roommates first carp (15lbs) and he beat his PB with every other fish. Culminating the night with a solid 10lb channel cat on a new catfish bait I am giving its initial tests. I just have to get around to getting them developed; Murphy was fishing with us that day (Murphy’s law that is) and that is the reason for the delay of these pics.

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    Thats a very nice carp.
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    Some good info Brad thanks for sharing.