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    We fished the Cabelas tournament this past weekend in Junction City Kansas on Milford Lake. We got the privilege of meeting some of the BOC brothers. I won’t list them all for fear of leaving someone out. Everyone we met were great and friendly people, Even DH wasn’t as bad as JW makes him out to be:smile2:. Cabelas put on a first rate tournament and we look forward to fishing more of them when possible. All the locals we met were friendly and very supportive of the tournament coming to their area.

    But all that aside the highlight of our week was getting the opportunity and privilege to take a soldier out fishing. We took out SSG / E-6 Rodney Riedesel with the 1 - 16th Infantry Battalion. He is a great guy with 14 years of military service. It was a privilege to take him out in appreciation for all the men and women in the armed forces do for us all. We had a blast even though we weren’t on a lot of fish. My hats off to all the men and women in the military. We couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for the job that they do. Also thanks to Cabelas and Fort Riley for getting together to make this possible.
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    Johnny, that's awesome that you and one of our soldiers got that opportunity/privilege!!! I love to hear "Hometown Support" stories like this one. I personally know from 1st hand experience how awesome memories like this are to all parties involved.


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    Johnny, let me echo Tony's words of thanks.Both our sons are in the Army and deployed ,mine is in Iraq.I have had to take lots of soldiers fishing simply by default because my son brings them with him.Once his buddies see the pictures and hear the stories they are all itching to go.Some only go once because Santee can be rough and sea sickness creeps up on you!!!!:smile2:Thanks for taking a soldier fishing,there isnt anything that you could do that would be better than that,to show your support for all the troops.Tony's son was at Ft Bragg right up the road from me and I hope when both boys get back we can all go fishing together.Tony isnt your son back on leave right now.Let us know how he is doing.Again THANKS Johnny.:smile2:
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    Glad you had fun and thanks for taking a soldier fishing.
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    Sounds like a great time and my thanks go to you for showing your appreciation to one of our fine soldiers.