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    I have heard that moon phases and Barometric pressure really makes a big deal while fishing could some one explain this to me. The way I look at it fish are like humans we all have to eat some time and a day fishing beats a day at work anytime even if you don't catch anything.
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    well, I'm not an expert on any of this but I've felt for some time that there's some truth to it. I've probably had the best fishing luck when the barometric pressure was falling and probably next after that would be when it's rising. I've never kept any fishing records but I've recently thought about doing that. Now I wish I had over the years.

    A few weeks back I started researching barometric pressure's effect on fishing and came across a fairly informative site that might give you a little insight:

    As for moon phases, I think theres something to that too... but I don't really know enough about it actually. (unless it's maybe a something in the back of my mind kinda thing)