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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Marshall, May 15, 2009.

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    You know craws, crawdads, etc. I was wondering when and where is the best place to find soft craws. The ones that are as soft as jelly!!! It seems fish cant resist them. I find some occasionly but not often. Ive heard you could put hard ones in a cooler by putting a layer of ice a towel, then the craws, then another layer of ice towel etc. would make the shell soft nd not kill them ethier. I havent tried this so dont know if it works. But anyways if anyone has any knowledge of soft craws and the like off post it Id love to here. TIA
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    Ok. First of all "soft craw's" are not a kind of crawdad. Crawdad's shells go soft after they molt there shell. The under shell is not hard right away takes a couple of days. You are correct fish seem to know they are more vulnerable and can tell they are in the soft shell stage.

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    Soft craws are a great bait for Blues & Channels. I used to use them all the time. Never caught flatties on them though but I'm sure they'd eat them.
    I haven't used them in a long time but I'd sure use them If I ran across them.:cool2:
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    Soft crawfish are hard to come by..They already hide well and when they molt they become even more withdrawn into hiding..They molt a lot during there first year of growth but once they reach adult size they rarely molt..I doubt that trick to soften them will work.There shells contain calcium and it does not soften..The best tip I can give you is to use a dip net through grass..That usually turns up a few.Other wise I don't know any particular technique to catching molted craws other than conventional crawfishing techniques..Also crawdads are nocturnal so you may have a better chance of catching them at night..
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    When I lived in LA everyone loved eating boiled crawfish... got to go into one of the places that farmed them. They had the soft ones in ceartain containers.... You might want to look to the food industry for supplies.
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    yeah soft ones are better but if i cant get nothing but hard ones ill take them to and just use the tail meat out of them.Heck ive caught blues channels and flatties on them as a matter of fact ive caught more flatties on them then anything,the soft ones that is.the tail meat i normally get the channels and blues,bluegills will make quick work of the tail meat to.