Soda Can Sinker Mold

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    Original post made by Jim Meyer(Jnjmeyer) on July 31, 2002

    This is my first post on the board, but I thought something I discovered about pyramid sinkers might help some of you river fisherman. I fish mostly on the Mississippi River above the Winfield Dam. Very rocky bottom (rip rap) and was loosing about 3 or 4 sinkers a day. Thought perhaps if a pyramid sinker had the eye inserted at the top of the pyramid it would be less likely to snag when retriving, since the pointed end would be retrived first. Bought a can of Bondo and made a mold. Cut a aluminum soda can in half and filled it with Bondo. Took one of my 6oz sinkers, sprayed WD40 on it and pressed it into the Bondo. After it set up, removed tne sinker and drilled a small hole into the bottom and inserted a 4 inch piece of 14ga copper wire. Poured in lead (wheel weights) and had a pyramid sinker with about 3 inches of copper wire extending from the top of the pyramid. Made a loop and soldered it. Now after about a week of fishing haven't lost one. Hope this helps someone. Throwing 6 oz of lead with a 12ft Ugly stick. Biggest Flathead so far 34 lbs.

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    Hey what a great idea! Thanks for the tip, if I used a large swivel instead of the wire, do you think it would still work?:eek:oooh: