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have any of you ever used soap on a rod and reel?
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I have never used it myself but one of the members made a post a long time ago about putting Zote soap on his trot lines and having good luck with it. I wish I could remember his name. Maybe he will show up on here before long.
I went back and did a search on the old site. Bud still posted this.

I use the same bait on my trot lines, all year round. I use ZOTE soap and always catch Channels, and Blues. Now the size of the bait will pretty much determine the size of the fish your going for.

Using Soap I normally catch 1 to 10# cats. Thats the sizes I fish for though. I dont fish for the big boys. One thing about using Soap for bait, I dont have to worry about Turtle's or Gar messing with my bait.

When I check my lines. all thats there are the fish Im going for. If you will check out the BOC library, you will find all the answers your looking for there.

Hope this helps.
Thanks I'm getting the feeling that this is a slow bait not very good for rod and reel. But what do I know. we will see. Thanks bro.
From everything that I have read, it is a slow bite bait. Nevertheless, I used it (Ivory Soap) as a kid on farm ponds and it worked decent on channels. It never came close to outfishing livers though.

Soap is not a good choice for Rod and reels. It does great on a Trot line though. As mentioned earlier, soap is a slow bite bait. I have tried it on rod and reels before with no luck.. You would be better off with cured liver, stink bait, or some dip bait...

Thanks guys you have been a big help.
from the old sit i remember one guy said he only used it in trotlines because it had such a slow bite. He said atleast 24 hours was needed.
I've also heard of people melting it down and adding corn-meal to it. I've yet to try it, but it sounds like it would work well.
I have never used it but I have heard of plenty of people catching fish on it. I also saw a soap at the wally world that said on the box that it worked for catfish as well as washing your hands and dishes.
I guess if you use enough soap it will take all the toxins out of the fish? LOL
I ran my jugs and had a total of 51 hooks baited with the ******* catfish soap bait and only caught 1 very small one. Needless to say I will not be useing that stuff ever again.
i tried using ivory soap for a few nights with no luck. but for those of you that want to know a good way to prepare it----take a bar of ivory and warm it up in the microwave for 5 seconds no longer after that use a razor blade and slowly cut it into little cubes. warm it up again for five seconds and use a big sewing needle to poke a hole threw the center of the cube. i slide the cube on the line first than tie a treble on the the end and push it into the soap. cut the soap slowly or it will break and dont over heat it. rember ivory soap is the soap that floats.

good luck
From what I've heard, Channels can be caught on just about anything that gives off scent. Just about any fruit, bubble gum, marshmallows, and tons more things.
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