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    Collinsville Oklahoma
    I have some friends down there that bait their lines with soap. Does anyone else use it or have a good recipe for it? Thanks
  2. Mickey

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    The soap that is used is Zote soap or ivory. Zote is a softer soap and want crack up as easy. Use dental floss to cut small pieces up. This is normally used for trot lines and sometime jugs. It will normally throw off on R&R. I hope this helps.

  3. lforet2002

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    My Grandfather used to run trotlines with soap and like Mickey said it doesn't work well on R&R cause it usually comes off..You can't just use any soap off the shelf to fish with..It must be 100% natural,no deodorants,perfumes,or preservatives..Like Mickey mentioned Zoat is by far the best off the shelf..But here's a recipe for homemade soap.

    6 C. water
    24 oz. Pure Lye (sodium hydroxide)
    12 lbs. animal fat or lard
    *Warning!! Lye is caustic and must always be handled with care. Follow manufacturer's cautions, precautions, and warnings to ensure your safety!!
    *Warning!! Lye reacts to metal. Always use lye only in glass or plastic containers!

    Intructions: It is important that you pour the lye into the water (not the water into the lye) stirring to dissolve. Be very careful not to allow it to splash or spill. Attend to any spills or splatters with extreme care. Allow the lye and water mixture to come to room temperature. Melt the animal fat in a stove top safe container. Once the fat is melted, allow it to cool to about 90 degrees F.
    Don't let it begin to solidify. As you stir the fat with a wooden (not metal) spoon, gradually stir in the lye and water mixture. The mixture will immediately start to thicken and solidify. Don't stop stirring until all the lye and water have been added, and a pudding like consistency is achieved. At this point, you may add ingredients to enhance your fishing experience. Some common ingredients to add are:
    Garlic salt
    Canned corn juice

    Hope that helps..