So, Why is Catfishing So Special to Us?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Arkie55, May 29, 2006.

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    Sitting here this monring reading all the new post since yesterday got me to thanking about our special sport. I was thinking about what made it so special? There are lots of different fish and lost of fishing opportunities for all of us yet we (almost 6000 of us) choose to chase the ole whisker fish. A poll was up last week asking how much of your fishing time is spent "Catfishing". The result is very clear that most of us spend at least 80% of our fishing time fishing for catfish. Why? I'll attempt to give my answer.

    Why I love catfishing.
    First, its a simple sport. You don't need a 30,000 dollar boat or a 30,000 dollar matching truck to feel like you are equipped to chase catfish. You don't need 30 different rods and reels for "special bait" presentation. You don't need 5 tackle boxes full of plastic baits, lead heads, bullet weights, spinner baits, buzz baits, and crankbaits. You don't spend you whole life trying to catch a 10lb fish. All you need is good spot to access the water, some variety of natural, homemade, or commerical bait, a couple of rods and reels, a few hooks and weights and your can fish for cats and be successful. Any old boat will do to access the many small lakes and ponds around the country that hold good numbers of cats. Anyone can expect to catch a 10lb cat and almost all do at least once each summer.

    It's the solitude of river fishing that reall gets my blood flowing. Most days I spend on the river I'm all alone. I normally don't even see another boat. I never have to wait on the ramp to empty. I don't have to worry about jet skies and thrill seekers on my river. It's normally just me and fish. I enjoy this type of fishing. I spent to many years of my life chasing the famous fish of our lakes and fighting that crowd. Spending an hour waiting to launch my boat and then several hours on the water trying to entice a fish to hit my offerings. I felt the pressure to outfish my competors. I just don't need that anymore. Catfishing is relaxing, fun, and productive. Anytime the clicker sings, you don't know that you won't have that "fish of a lifetime" on your line. Since I've devoted most of my fishing time chasing the ole whisker fish, I've caught more fish over 10lbs that I ever thought possible. Catching a good mess of the fish for the table is expected on every trip. Notice I said expected and not reality. Name me another sport where you cat catch eater sized fish and a trophy fish in the same trip? I guess it's possible but with catfishing its probable. That's why I love catfishing. That plus the folks that catfish have a common bond and friendships are easily forged. Need proof? Just go to a BOC gathering or a mini gathering and see what you come away with. New friends. Catfishermen are the good people. It doesn't matter what your name is, it doesn't matter where you reside, it doesn't matter what your ethnic back ground, it doesn't matter how old or young, all are good folks. Men, women, boys, and girls. All are good. At least that's been my experience.

    Knowledge to learn and then to share. I had to learn. When I started seriously chasing these old whisker fish I didn't know much about it. I read books, magizine articles and talked to folks. What I found was there was not a lot of information to be found and those that had it usually didnt' get ask about their knowledge because most assume the catfishermen is like other fisherman and won't share their knowledge. Then I found this place. Man was I shocked. Here was all this knowledge free to anyone that cared to ask. If I remember correctly, when I joined there was somewhere around 2000 members. Anyone and everyone was willing to answer any question you ask. It's still that way today. Ask and you will receive. If you don't understand, ask again. Learning then teaching. That's what catfishermen do. They learn then teach what they know to someone new. Why is that? Because we want everyone interested to enjoy what we enjoy. Catfishing is the greatest fishing sport going and I'm proud to be part of it. That's why I love catfishing.
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    danville virginia
    got 2 words for ya....ENUFF SAID....

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    Catfishing is special to me because it gives me the chance to catch and release a big fish, I live for that chance, which does not come very often.
  4. Dreadnaught

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    Well said Terry!!!
    Well to put it down on paper, it is hard to explain.
    I enjoy the laid back nature of the sport and exilaration of the fight. Not to mention that the average catfisherman is more outgoing than most other types of fishermen, therefore you will have long conversations that will be an enjoyable experience for both at times.

    I had a guy ask me one time (bass fisherman), "Why would you want to fish for something that is like reeling in a cynder block?"
    I said, "Sounds like you answered your own Question Buddy!!!"
    I still don't think he got it, LOL!!!
    You see, I like the raw brute power and cunning of the flathead, the charging "Hell bent for leather" strike of a blue, and the annoying pecks of a channelcat!!! These are the things that make me go back time after time.
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    North carolina
    I love to catch big fish, i guess its left over from catching those big 75# tuna on deep sea fishing trips (used to live in california) and while bass are fun and give one hell of a fight their just not that big, the thrill of a big fish on the end of your line, thats why i love catfishing
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    Sheridan, Arkansas
    Catfishing is special to me,because its the thrill and the solitude. You walk down to the waters edge wondering if this the right spot. You decide yes I'll try it.I cast out and the waiting starts eyes glued to the rod tip.No one else is around complete silence. Your thinking about something else when it happens "Bam" you get a bite! And your mind clears again back to fishing.
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    Manassas, Virginia
    I like it because that is what my dad and I fished for when we went fishing, and it has just grown on me. Even when I lived in Florida, I always went back to catfishing. I caught plenty of bass, but there was something about catfishing that had it over fishing for any other type of fish.

    I also like sitting on the bank watching my lines, and forgetting about the World for a while.
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    GC, OHIO
    Why cast and reel, cast and reel, cast and reel??

    I can sit on a bank, bait the line, toss out, and sit and enjoy some good relaxation and just talk to fellow brothers about life and the pursuit of happiness.

    Also, from the BOC, you can tell how most Catfisherman are laid back and friendly as all get out.
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    Somerville, Tennessee
    I don't even like to fish, I just do it so I could join this site and bother you people.
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    Near Tulsa Oklahoma
    It is hard to put it in words,I think for me Terry hit the nail on the head.It seems to me the popular fishing is alot of work.I fish to get away from it all, especially work.Catfishing alows me to sit back and get to know my fishing buddie,talk with my kids,chat with my wife or make a new friend.At the same time knowing,at any moment the bell could ring and a moment I will never forget could be apon me.This web site and gatherings have become a wonderful part of my life,not for it self,but for the people who share of themselves to make it what it is.May God bless you all.
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    Conway Arkansas
    Good post Terry.

  12. SilverCross

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    Fairbury, Illin
    I have always loved fishing and the outdoors. I use to fish alone 99% of the time. I still fish a lot by myself during the daylight, but at night I am usually fishing with Ridgerunner, and we have a good time. Nature is so good and the sounds fasinating.
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    To avoid redundancy... all the above:lol:
    The number of a person's relatives is directly proportional to his fame.
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    Colinsville, Il
    The youngest boy (18 ) asked me how I could sit that long and not get bored... Answer... At work, I'm running constanly, trying to get things done... When I'm fishing, sitting there watching the rod tips, even though I don't have to, the baitclickers will tell me when to look, 2 hours only seems like a few minutes... When I get to the river and unload the boat, I'm like a little kid again, only the time goes by so fast it's morning and I feel like I just got there... No worries, just you against ole whiskers and he wins more times than not... I'm still waiting for the big one, I know he's coming, I just have to pay my dues first... If I don't get him, well, I tried and gave it my best... I'm looking forward to my first gathering, with many more to follow... New friends, no worries, and cheap entertainment, that's what life is all about...
  15. Jwilli5883

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    Kansas City, MO
    Catfish always put of a good fight. My tackle box is small and I dont have to spend lots of $$$$$$$ on lures. Plenty of time to tip one back and admire my surroundings.
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    Bluff City, TN
    Great Job Terry, You Took The Words Right Out My Mouth. Thanks.
  17. Little Mac

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    NW Arkansa
    My grandpa and all his fishin buddies turned me on to cats at an early age, course they were trotliners and juggers and was catching to have a really good fish fry. Grandpa has passed but my grandmother still lives (92) I showed her a picture of a fish i caught and she ask me how many steaks i got off of it, LMAO I said none.... and like to got a whoopin.....LOL.
    I love the feel of a cat, versus the ole bucketmouth i used to chase and with cats you never know what is gonna come up out of the dark water.

    I agree with Terry 100% , if you have a chance to go to a gathering or a mini, by all means do it, I've been to several and have become pretty good friends with several members.

    I raised my boys to catfish, but one has strayed he is a die hard bucketmouth fella.... LOL. Thats alright my other son called last night sittin on a river bank, Just called to let me know the blues was bitin. Now thats right...... Mac
  18. FishMan

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    Thats an easy question to answer. It's the people involved.
  19. Flatheadhunter33

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    Yuma, Arizona
    Catfishing presents some really good time to just kick back and reflect. When my son and I are out we talk about so many things. He's 10yrs old right now and, I hope that he continues to be that way into his teens.
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    i say: fight, size, whiskers, beauty, patience, fun, better than BA$$ :lol: i suppose its just a fish for the nut house people like me!:lol: :crazy: