SO, AZ Fish report

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    Tucson, AZ
    Parker canyon lake - pretty much a dead stick, but trout fishing is descent to bad due to the recent algea bloom, look for boils.

    Arivaca - there is some largemouth activity deep, your best bet is crankbaits, the redear sunfish are biting nightcrawlers on the bottom, and the majority of them are pretty good size.

    Pena Blanca - The bullheads are biting very aggressivley at sunset on shrimp and night crawlers especially off that concrete slab area east of the parking lot, the crappie and sunfish are very deep so trolling is the key to success, no recent reports of channel cat activity but i will fill you in. So far this lake has the most activity.

    Patagonia - Report incoming, i havent made it out there yet.