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    Well I know it's a bit early to talk about snow, but I would like some opinions. Thinking of buying a 2 stage snow blower. I have my eye on Troy Built 8.5hp. Living in central Ohio, while this defiantly is not the snow belt we had a bad spell of deep snow last year - want to be prepared this year. My old push type 5 hp bit the dust last year. Living in the city, my driveway is off an alley and the city just doesn't plow. My dad is getting up in age now and has a home out in the country very big drive way. While a big snow blower my be over kill for my house - it won't be at his house. I usually clear the drive ways / side walks of any older folks around me as well. Are the Troy built models a decent blower? Anyone have one of these? New price for this 2 stage is $800.00.
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    Shawnee OK
    go for it Michael:wink:

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    I bought a used white 2 stage a year ago with 8 hp and it works fine for me and I live in Minnesota. Mine is about 10 years old and runs like a champ and i only paid 150 for it. It helps to go to the shops that repair them as people often end up leaving "junk" there that the mechanics fix. If you aren't interested in used, I have used a buddies troybuilt and it seemed fine. I also have a very long driveway, so I am considering putting a plow on my pickup instead.

    Attached is a picture of what my old White snowblower did after a snowfall while I was at work with the wifes van. I am standing about 30' in front of my garage which is probably another 50' in front of my house so if this happens again, I think a plow would be justified. lol

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