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  1. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    I'm gonna snell some circle hooks and was wondering what test mono to use.
    I'm thinking 30 is too stiff to hold the knot well.
    I've spools of 20,15 and 8 pound test line.
    Also how long do you make your leader? I generally make mine about a foot but realize i've no particular reason for doing so.
  2. Plowboy411

    Plowboy411 New Member

    I have snailed 50 lb mono and 4lb.just different # of loops.hope this helps Bro,:big_smile:

  3. tncatfishing

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    clk. tn
    I have used 30lb test to snell hooks, and has worked great. I used lengths from 12 inches on up to 24inches. Just depends on where you want your bait . On my leaders I would use a drop loop.
  4. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    I use clear premium salt water ande in 50 lb. test for all my leaders from 6 to 8 inches up to 3 ft. for drifting. Rule of thumb with mono is to use a test size equal to or larger than your main line. Unless you are tying a dropper for a break away sinker then use lighter test line. I tie using a palomar and a snell knot for different setups.
  5. CaptainBrad

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    North Dakota
    I would use a line that is equal to your main line. I feel there is no reason to have snells stronger than you main line in case you have to break off so you don't lose everything (sinker etc...)

    In many cases I fish dense wood and need to break off to check bait or move. In these cases I will actually lighten up the snell by about 10# (In my case from 30# to 20#) This saves me a small fortune in sinkers and other tackle as I only lose the hook. I will admit that I have lost a big fish or two in my day using this method but it makes staying on the move so much easier.

    After saying all that I would use the 30# if that is what you use for your main lines.
  6. Big Sam

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    Booneville AR
    Regular fishing around it doesn't matter to me.:smile2: But when I'm tournament fishing i use a bigger line than the main line always. Last week i was using 80lb leaders snelled and palomar knots in the frigid 39 degree water. it payed off too those 20lb cats did not damage the leader twisting and turning and rubbing on stuff trying to get away, no nicks or cuts or stretches.....yes if i get hung up i lost 1-2 hooks with a 1-3dollar value:confused2::sad2: .....but i always say...why spend 300$$$plus on a rod and reel combo and use 2 dollar line and a 50cent hook??? It payed off for Johnny too when he reeled in a BIG chunk of drift wood on his line and directly below it was a 26lb blue with no line damage!!! Just my thoughtd though:tounge_out::eek:oooh::smile2:
  7. mrmarkedwards

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    the one tip i'd give you about snelling your own hooks is use leader material. leader material is slightly thicker and stiffer than premium mono since its stiffer it will cut down on the tangles. personally i use 8-50lb florocarbon for all my hooks. depending on what hooks you're using will give you an idea of what lb test leader to use gammi's have small eyes so you have to use a lighter leader compared to eagle claw and mustad which have larger far as leader length i prefer to make mine 12-24in my thinking is if i'm in a hurry i can shorten a leader a lot quicker than i can retie a longer one plus i fish a tidal river so the general rule is first 2 hrs of a tide change short leaders and the last 2hrs long leaders. jmho
  8. catfishingham

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    justwannano, This isn't technically a snell, but here is how
    I do it. I take 0ne length of line, tie both ends to the
    hook with a good not, stretch it out and tie a loop in the end.
    I use about 20# test, it's plenty strong and if one is cut or breaks
    you still have a strong snell.

    Dick Keioer, (Catfishingham):0a26:
  9. prostreetS10

    prostreetS10 New Member

    I use 30# mono and snell my hook . Never had any problems.