Snelling Hooks for Catfish Rigs

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    Snelling Hooks

    Here is another video of me snellin hooks. The still picture represents the tools needed to accomplish the task. A small table vice enables you to have both hands free,hooks of your choice,clippers,and leader material. I fish with 25# test for my main line and I use 50# test leader material. I like that leader to be heavier cause its gonna take the brunt of any abbrasions. The snell knot I use is called a UNI-KNOT snell. I like it cause its simple to tie and it tightens up on itself with the pressure of a fighting fish. Simply place the round part of the hook in the vice with the hook shank at the top. Feed your leader material through the hook eye starting at the eye and feeding back along the hook shank. Make a small loop in the line and hold it with one of your free hands against the hook. Now simply start with one wrap at a time around the hook shank over the line that is along the shank and back through the loop. I do seven wraps. When finished,simply pull each end of the line in opposite directions and it will snug rite up on the hook shank. Clip the tag end at the bottom of the knot to about a quarter inch and the other end at about 24 inches. This will produce for ya a good solid snelled hook with a leader that is ready to do with it what you desire. I then wrap the line up around my fingers and bag em up for storage. Hey,it works for me and I'm sure it will work for you. LOL! THANX!