Snelling Catfish Hooks

Discussion in 'Catfishing Library' started by Whistler, Sep 9, 2005.

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    Original post made by Travis Cornell(Barbel) on June 10, 2005

    I dont know if this has been done before, but I call it the overhand snell. I tested it twice with Berkley Extra Tough 20lb test line and it held until the line broke. Tell me what you think.


    1. Thread the line through the back side of the eye of the hook and make an overhand knot around the shank of the hook.

    2. Wrap the tag end of the line around the shank no fewer than three times.

    3. Pass the tag end down through the overhand knot that is around the shank.

    4. Loop the tag end around and back through the loop that was just made and tighten the knot.
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    The only thing I would change is I would go through the point side of the hook. If you tie one both ways on the line and drag the line and hook over your finger, you will find that the hook will always rotate to the side the line is on. This is an old snagline trick, but it works on all lines.