Snaring Beavers?

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by channelcat_tracker, Apr 3, 2007.

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    I have a friend that i trapped with this year saying, if your going to trap beaver, get em with a foothold. but here, everyone says snaring is the way to go. Now i put thought into this and this is my outcome: snaring damages the pelt due to the animal struggling in the snare and the tight cable on the pelt causing "rubbing", now if these THOUGHTS are true, why do we snare beavers. why not foothold them so not as much damage is done? the only advantage to a snare is that it is cheap and a lot lighter than footholds. BTW, anybody with beaver footholds that they wish to rid themselves of?
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    Tony, good snares that are used correctly, do not cause any more damage to a pelt than a bodygrip trap. Cheap snares are just that, CHEAP!!. If you use them, your gona mess up some fur.

    Custom built snares are different. Good in-line swiveling, good cable, loaded snares, correct loop sizes, proper stabilization of the snare, and knowing when and where, all play major factors in what condition the animal will be in when you get to him.

    Before shunning the snares totally, you might want to do a little research on them. They have came a long ways in the last few years. They are a very versitile tool, that when used correctly, will add pelts to your stretchers.

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    Snare for beaver doesn't make sense to me because a beaver doesn't hardly have a neck. Seems he would pull loose easy. The Conni bear trap is the best invention I've seen for beaver. No wring offs, chew offs, no loses, no suffering and easy placement over den holes, ice holes, dam holes, and slides. Pricey but well worth the money. My opinion. primitive
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    I can't add anything to what Eric said. Good post Dick.
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    :confused2: You have one of the best snare shops in the country there in Iowa called the Snare Shop you can find it on the internet.We use them all the time no pelt damage and quick kill use a drown pole like you use for your leg hold traps and when he swims out and around he is done quick.Easy to carry and less expensive than connibears,and if you trap a long creek alone those 330 scare the hell out of me.They are very effecient but dangererous.
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    You can use snares any place you can set traps for beaver and a whole lot lighter to carry if you have to walk in a mile or so. They should be treated the same and attached to a drowner cable the same as traps. I use snares for beaver on slides, dams and at the entrance to underwater bank dens. A 10" or 12" loop about 1" to 2" off the ground or bottom if in the water will catch a beaver right behind the front legs when swimming or around the neck if walking and will only leave a mark on the flesh side of the hide with no fur damage if drowned.
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    Snares are just another tool to use for harvesting animals . One reason I took the time to learn how to use a snare right is educated beaver . A beaver that has been educated by a near miss or even a wring out can be real tough to catch again .

    Snares have put several educated beaver on my boards over the years . Don't limit yourself on the tools of the trade for trapping . Learn to use them all as you will find a place sometime that they all will outshine the other tools .