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  1. Switchback XT

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    Who out there uses snares? Who ever you are, my hat is off to you. I have found that it does take much more skill than any other method. If you do use them, have you ever used them on coyotes?
  2. 223reload

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    Yes i use them and only on coyotes although i dont use them often but i do have times when only a snare will work

  3. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    Can't get around so much anymore.
    arthritis has slowed me down big time.
    I started using snares when lots of my traps began to come up missing.
    I never did set traps strictly for coyotes though.I've caught a couple though but it wasn't my target animal.
    I don't really think snares are that much different than traps. You just have to keep reminding yourself that you're interested in where the critter is puting his head instead of his foot. If you set conibears you have to think the same way.
    Keep in mind the body structure of your target animal.
    Coyotes stand taller than a coon so your snare loop will have to be a little higher off the ground. They carry their head higher too.
    I studied quite a while before I felt comfortable setting a snare. They are really effective in culverts and fence lines.
    Keep at it. You just have to think a little differently.
    best of luck
  4. warcraft1975

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    i have used snares alot just for coyotes, here in kansas a 12 inch loop 12 off the ground will take most of them. all snares need to be set up just for that aniaml you are after since most if not all stand alittle taller or shorter than the next. when you get into snaring you will find that there are certain snares made just for certain animals, this is for not damageing the pelt. snareing can be fun and affective if used in the right conditons

    CNTRYBOY New Member

    Benton, Ar
    I have used snares a bit myself. Most of mine were set to catch Beavers. I don't trap anymore, but thinking about breaking out my traps and getting back into it!
  6. fishhook

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    Willow Woo
    I use snares and traps but the snares are a little more versital then traps and a lot lighter to carry. You can target almost any animal with snares that you can catch with a trap and some state laws are a little more stricter on snares then traps so if you state hop then be sure to check that states laws on snaring.
  7. beetle

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    I use snares a lot for coyote, fox, coon, beaver. I use them when I can funnel them into the snare. Holes in fences or under them and trails between trees work good for me. Loop size and height will differ depending on what my target animal is. They work well and are quick to set up.
  8. Mountain Cur

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    Missouri, Warsaw
    In Missouri we call them "Cable Restraints." Yes they work and are selective enough I have gotten permission to "trap" on property they didn't want a trapper walking acrossed. We have used them in the past to live capture coyotes for "pens." If you want to see something interesting, watch someone try to put a 65 pound dog into a holding crate with a 4 foot catch pole and the dog "ain't have'n nothin to do with that pen." Amusing............? actually hysterical......