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    just like CATFISHHATEME this is my first year trapping too, now where im trapping the land owner will only let me use snares and live traps, its in far east texas, and he has about 60 acres with high fence, he doesnt use the high fence, but i still see the holes where racoons, possums, ringtails, and other animals crawl under at night, i had about 2 dozen snares that i put in every little hole under the fence, (these snares wherent boiled in baking soda yet) i used them for about 1 week checking every 2 days or so and all i caught was a possum in a live trap? and when trapping with only live traps and snares what are some of the best places to look and what are some of the best sets when targeting racoons and possibly some bobcats (land owner wont let me try for the coyotes with snares, dont want his dogs to get hung up, and if he says no its a good enough reason for me)
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    if you are finding areas where animals crawl under the fence those are great snare places. if are are not catching thing you may want to rethink your snare loop size for starters most animals have certains sizes need to neck snare them or they will simplely walk through it or go under if the land owner wont let you snare coyotes because of a dog issue you shouldnt snare there at all. dogs can and will crawl under a fence and a snare will kill it just as fast as anything

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    Exactly what I was thinking when I was reading Kevins post. Something else you need to be sure to be aware of, snaring regulations can vary from county to county in some States (I believe Tennessee is one), so be sure you're aware of them so you don't take a chance of getting into trouble.

    Have you ever considered trying any dog-proof traps for coon? Would eliminate any possibillity of problems with the dogs. Just a thought. Also, I've always had much better luck inside old buildings & barn with cage traps for coon.

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    Not much more to add from here ,you guys did a great job of helpin Kev thanks
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    I would deffently go with the cage traps. That way if you catch one of his dogs they are mostly likely be ok. I would also check the cage traps more fequently if you are looking for fur. The animals will rub thier heads against the wire and rub a hole in the fur. You can catch racoons and bobcats in the same cage. I use a 108 tomahawk in my work. I do not like the havahearts but if you wat to find out my reasons PM me I dont not want to get into one of the descussions of how one trap is better than the other.