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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catfisherman369, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. catfisherman369

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    Iam a lifetime member of north american fishinerman and came across an artical that the snakehead are making a foot hold on the white river in arkansas . That is terrible news , once them fish get in the water way they take over . I watched a show on tv about them and they are a nasty preditor fish killing everything .
  2. Fishmaster1203

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    Yep, They are bad news. If anyone catches one, you should report it right away!

  3. Jacksmooth

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    They are in the lower Potomac and most folks havent noticed a difference one way or the other. Not to say they couldnt take over but they are established there and so far are not doing much damage according to the reports Im getting. There is even a guide on the Potomac guiding for them. You should kill any snakehead you catch and report it to your state DNR. Not sure but I think it may even be illegal to throw them back.
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    thats just more flathead bait, i think most the fear of snakeheads was hype, their are preditors in the water that will even out the snakehead population, up here in PA the fish commission reccommend keeping or removing flatheads just like snakeheads, i think the fish commission figured out that those species are here to stay and have no ill affect on our waterways, haven't seen any snakeheads in the water i fish but all flatheads i cpr.