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    i was at bradys run today fishing for gills and i needed a worm, i was turning over rocks and i though i saw a catipilar, so i reached for it and picked it up, but it was a curl of a baby copperhead, i didnt get bit but it scared the hell out of me...:confused2:


    I catch bait there fairly often,Thanks for the heads up!:eek:oooh:

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    I'm no fan of Copperheads! :crazy: Snakes in general can keep away from me! :wink:
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    glad u didnt get bit, that could have been deal. always be aware of whats going on at all times brother. fish around alot of snakes myself, mostly mocs, i am always aware that im in there enviroment. i usally clear the area before i just set up and fish, now there have been times when i was sooo ready to get a line in the water i would just bust up on the scene and put in {bank fishing obviously}only to notice a big black snake catching some rays on a log right next to me. Thats when you have an oh S@#$ moment.
  5. Man, I was pulling sunnies out of a creek Sunday afternoon. Just jigging a piece of worm around. Once they started wising up, they would just follow it along the bottom and look at it. When I cam up to a rock, I slowly pulled the bait up and over it and this giant crayfish had a hold of it and the Sunnies took off! Hahaha. So he dropped it and I recasted to under some tree roots that the sunnies were hiding around and this big friggin snake cam out of nowhere and wacked it and scared the crap out of me!:eek:oooh: It had to be at least 2 1/2 feet long and was very unhappy with a hook in it's mouth! I was glad I was on topo of a 8 foot stone caged embankment wall! I snapped the line off and gingerly left the area, hahaha. I didn't know what kind it was. It was all brown.