Snake In The Boat!

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Last fall I had a fue days off and a fue extra Daddy points with the Wife and she gave me the OK to go down to lake Erwin in Kansas. Now its a good lake for big channels and has some nice Flats in it also. well I loaded up the boat and gear and off I went its about a five and a half hour drive from Co.Bluffs Ia.I got to the lake early afternoon stopped and picked up a license and headed for the ramp.Launched the boat and went and caught some bait. now lake Erwin is a large lake several thousand acres anyway and when the wind blows it can get perty rough. I fish out of a 18 ft. Lund Alasken with a 30HP. tiller steer. there was a storm front that was moving in later that evening and sometimes before a storm the fish really turn on so I was hyped up for some good fishing I felt.Well I had made two drifts and had put three nice size channel cat in the live well. it was getting dark so I fired up the lantern. I could see the storm comimg off in the distance so I figured I would finish the drift and head for the ramp. I had only saw a fue other boats all afternoon and they had pulled off already. Now this is where it starts to get interesting I have two rods in the water and its pitch dark storm getting closer Im looking off to the west and I catch a glimpse of something swimming in the water so I watch it as it seem to be comming right at the boat as it gets closer I realize it a snake now I think .Whats a snake doing out here in the middle of this big old lake? And about that time it gets to the back of the boat and climbs right the back of the Merc. motor and into the boat(Oh crap)I'm scared to death of snakes anyway so I jump up to the front of the boat. Now this is a fine situation your in john that snake got to go. BUT how? This rascal is about three and a half foot long and I dident know if it was poisonous or not but I wasent going to find out by letting it bite me.So I pick up a rod and try and throw it back in the water from a distance of course. Now it just makes him mad and he climbs up on top of the battery in the back of the boat in the little open cubby hole that holds the battery and the bildge pumps and areater pumps for the live how am I going to run the motor with that sneak right there 12 inches away. Boy thats when I really wished I had a steering wheel on that boat instead of the tiller.So I set down in the front boat seat fire up a ciggarett and take the flashlight turn it on and shine it in the battery cubby hole yep there he is looking at me with those beedie eyes. now the wind has picked up and there are big bolts of lightning flashing across the sky. NOT GOOD that snake got to go! He dident buy no gas, He dident help catch bait. and this isent his boat.So I've got an idea. I open up a storage compartment and get a big can of off jnsect repellant slip to the back of the boat and give a big shot into the battery compartment He dident move Tough sneak. Bad idea! Now What?The whitecaps are running about two feet high,and the wind is really blowing.I've got to figure something out.Got another Idea so I grab the Bola Grip works for big fish dosent it should work for this snake. WRONG wouldent let me get ahold of him still pissed off about the insect repellant I guess.Now I know Gods getting even with me for for blowing up poor old Mrs.cummings mailbox with a cherry bomb when I was a Kid.Thats got to be why this is happing to Right? So I get in the tackle box and grab a number 4/0 owners trebble hook get a rod and cut the Kaylie hook off and tie on the trebble hook reel it up tight to the first eye. look like a perty good gaff to me the old boat is a rocking the wind blowing great big bolts of lightning flashing all around and now its pouring down buckets of rain. so I make my way to the back of the boat and with the flashlightne hand and the rod in the other I reach back in the cubby hole with the rod and give a big jerk and hook the snake and pull him out .Now if I thought he was upset before I was mistaken. he was thrashing around like mad so I drop the flashlight take the rod in both hands and give it a heafty throw forgot to push the release on the ABU 6500C3 rod sliped right out of my hands went about 20 yards splat into the water. Lost the whole rig the ABU and a st. croix rod. I was shaking like a dog sat down try and light a smoke all soaked wouldent light. well I fired up the engin and went back to the ramp,and took the boat out.Pulled the truck into the parking lot. wet to the bone fell asleep in the front seat. Aint fishing fun. Bigcatman0816.
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    I'd done been overboard soon as he was in the boat, LOL

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    That had to be the funniest post I have read in quite a while. :big_smile:

    Did the snake go down with the rod? That would be a strange find while fishing.

    It is a shame you didn't get him with a jug hook and throw it out for the thieves.
  4. curtis

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    thats crazy man. i would have killed it with a anchor though. it seems alot easier then what you did. but great story man.
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    jdstraka, I do not envy you by anymeans! I once tried to catch a snake while fishing and my ex had a fit. I now look back on it and ask myself what I would have done when I got it to the boat. At any rate, Great Post and I am sorry for the loss of the fishing rig!!!!!!


    PS: I have copied your post and sent it out to some other fisherman and look forward to the comments.
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    Great story! I'm not very scared of snakes like some of my friends, however I wouldnt want one in the boat by any means!!
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    I don't like snakes I have had my share of run in with thim also.
    I all ways take the boat paddle to them before they get in the boat.


    :cat: :cat:
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    Snakes, I hate snakes. I liked your story. Did I say I hate snakes, oh yea.I would have been out of that boat in a heart beat . then after i climbed back in dead snake. I always remmeber being told "snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them " phooey. This proves them wrong. I feel for you.
  9. gargoil77

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    I would've liked to been there in another boat watching your ordeal. That's a funny story.
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    Pat Chaney
    Great story, John - thanks for the laugh :lol: :big_smile:
  11. channelcat_tracker

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    nice big story for us all! thanks for sharin it. shoulda blew up the snake! lol well you did good and got out alive so i guess you cant curse at what you did! woulda been better if you got to keep the rod i guess. stupid snakes drive me crazy!:crazy:
  12. Fisher14

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    That was a great story. Reminds me of the time we were setting a trout line out on the river. We got one end tied off and I had the other end on the front of the boat ready to tie it off to a large cluster of stumps out in the water. I reached over the boat to tie it off. Of course I was running my mouth and not paying attention, and I turn to look at where I'm going to tie it to. There in the middle of the stump cluster lies a 5-6 foot mocasin (Cotton Mouth), which, by the way, is very poisonous. My hands were literally about 2 feet away from this monster. I paused and he was looking straight at me like he was pissed at the world. I slowly, and I mean slowly, backed away until I was at a safe distance. He calmly slid off in the water. Oh yean, I don't think I mentioned that I can't stand a dang snake. I can't even stand to see them squirm across the water. Once again, GREAT post!! I feel ya pain!
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    GC, OHIO
    John thanks for the laugh, now that was funny.
  14. Arkie55

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    Thanks John, I really needed that laugh today. That was a great story. I can just see your face. Watching the storm with one eye and the snake with the other. Wondering just what you were going to do how to do it. I'm still laughing.
  15. peewee williams

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    John.I had a good laugh.A snake in the boat is very common down south.They like to drop in out of the trees every once in a while.We normally slip a paddle under them and toss them out of the boat.I had a sack full (5 to a sack) of Cottonmouths get loose in a boat twice in one night.We were catching them to be sold.The guy in the front with the light was great at identifying,catching and bagging them,but was not the best Knot tier in the world.I would feel one crawl across my bare foot and know they were loose.We sold them for a dollar a piece to be milked for their poison.God protects kids along with drunks and fools.I have twice had some one jump out of the boat I was in when a snake fell in the boat.They will get a look on their face that you will never forget,when you toss that live snake back in the water with them.Caution!ALWAYS toss the snake between you and the person in the water.I learned this the hard way.The first time I tossed it the opposite way.WRONG WAY.He promptly turned the boat over while trying to get back in.He kept that boat rolling like a log,while trying to climb in.He finely tired plum out and gave up.He went under and finely came up,saw me standing there laughing about 6 feet away and stood up in about 3 1/2 feet of water.He then charged for the bank.I laughed until my side hurt and had tears running down my face.I think he would have killed me had I not been standing in the water with the snake.All over a harmless old water snake.I once saw a Diamond Back Rattle Snake coiled and floating out to sea on the tide,at the Savannah River entrance.I had nothing to put him in or I would have rescued it.Local shrimpers told me it was not uncommon,as snakes of all kinds would get caught in the strong current of the outgoing tide.I will admit it.I am laughing about you.Sorry about the rod.I am just glad that you did not get hurt.Many have.peewee-williams
  16. IL Hunter

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    Normal, IL
    Well I hope the weight of the rod at least kept the snake on the bottom of the lake. Thanks for taking the time to post that!
  17. explayer

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    thanks for the story very funny
  18. GoFish_Tony

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    Man that story has given me the heebe-jeebies.

    My gandpa lived near the I&M canal in Illinois. I can remember him always walking with a machette. I don't think he ever put a dent in the snake population. But he sure tried! LOL

    This story has got my skin crawling. *pun intended*
  19. catcam

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    John, That was a funny story! Thanks for sharing! I'm attempting to attach a photo of a not so fortunate snake that made my acquaintance, enjoy. Jennifer:dribble:

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    That was a good story there! :lol:

    I've had a HECK of a time with snakes while trying to bank fish lately! I don't mind none of them EXCEPT the rattlers! thjose are the only ones I'm concerned about. none of the othersw we have around here are going to do any real damage even if they bite me on bare skin. Hoping to catch a king snake since they are all over the place now, but the only King I've found so far was road killed already. Caught a gopher snake last week, seen a few more that I left be, and caught a Western Ringneck last night. the ring neck is now in my plant tank. those are neat little snakes and I was plumb tickled to find it, as I didn't even know we had those around here.