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  1. flatheadchris

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    what is snagging?,never heard of it till today.
  2. wpsatisfide

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    Pawleys Island, SC
    hooking a fish anywhere other than the mouth, usually using treble hooks

  3. Tulcat

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    First off don't try this anywhere until you are familar with your fishing regs, as many places snagging is illegal or they have very strict conditions/locations where you can do it.

    But it is the only method to harvest a Spoonbill (Paddlefish), like the one in my avatar. Basically you need a heavy pole with decent line, a huge (like an 8/0 to 10/0) treble hook, and a heavy weight (4 oz to 2 pounds).

    Anyway you cast your line out or let it spool out if by boat, and once you get a good contact with the weight to the bottom of the river/lake, you make a huge swooping motion with the rod, dragging that treble across the bottom, hoping to make contact and snag a fish.