Snaggin' spoonies????

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by Believer, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Believer

    Believer New Member

    Greenwood, AR.
    Well, the flooding on the Mississippi screwed up the spring snagging around here.
    In fact, the levee broke at the main place where I snag, (from the bank) below the dam at Meyer.

    Did anyone have any luck this spring?
  2. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    Owensville, MO
    I snagged below Alton Dam once this year before it flooded. We caught a bunch of asian carp like usual, but no spoonies. There were probably a half dozen spoonbill banked that day from what I seen with the biggest being around 20 pounds.

    Now we did tear them up over here in MO on Tablerock. The high water this year allowed the spoonbill to run all the way up to the James River to the Lake Springfield Dam and it was like shooting fish in a barrel. The last two weekends of the season were incredible and we boated probably 100 paddlefish total. They were so holed up that we actually snagged the same paddlefish more than once.

    Here's a picture of one that I caught twice about 150 yards apart. There's no mistaking him because he was extremely dark compared to every other fish we landed.

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  3. SpoonieKing

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    STL Missouri
    where exactly where you hitting these planning a trip and want to snag in some new areas. St. Louis doesnt have many places to snag:confused2:
  4. South Grand Laker

    South Grand Laker New Member

    yes, here in oklahoma as usually every year is a good year for the spoonies on grand
  5. deadly_legend

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    Evansville, Ind
    we have to throw them back here if we do happen to catch one, id love to catch one, they look like they would be really fun