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    There was a young customs official whose job was to search vehicles entering the country for any smuggled goods. One day a woman rode up to his gate on a very nice motorcycle. Strapped behind her seat was a large box full of sand. The guard immediately sensed in his gut that the woman was smuggling something, so he emptied the box of sand on a table and sifted through its contents. All he found was plain ordinary sand. Without any evidence, he had to return the sand and let her go.

    For several weeks, the same woman continued to pass through the official's gate just as she had before. Each time she came through, he would search though her box of sand hoping to find something. However, he never found anything but ordinary sand.

    One day as he was searching through yet another box of sand, the guard became so frustrated that he called a co-worker over from the gate next to him. The second guard glanced at the sand, looked at the woman's papers, and then arrested her for smuggling motorcycles.





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    Just goes to show, that sometimes we can't see the forrest for the

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