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  1. low desert jonathan

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    I would like to hear from any and all Smokercraft boat owners. I think they are a superior product which you don't hear enough about.:smile2:
  2. rcjoyner

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    I bought a 1979 smokercraft last year and have just gotten around to fixing it up.

    15' 11" long 35hp johnson with side console.

    the thing sat in a garage for 8 years. Carb cleaning - new waterpump impeller and away it went.

    am ready to try it out this weekend.

    seems like a slick boat even if it is 30 years old.

  3. cantstopgrandma

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    Dad has a 1972, 12' smokercraft. Been a great boat. He bought it used over 20 years ago, and we had a lot of good times in that thing. Few years ago it started leaking at the bow, but that's only while underway, and it isn't much of a leak. We could probably tighten the rivets if we wanted to play with it. Its a heavy duty boat for no bigger than it is. The new ones are still nice boats, but i dont think they make them as good as they used to.

    The only reason we stopped using that boat was that it seemed to get smaller every year. Even though dad let me take it out any time i wanted, i got kids now, and wanted something they could stand up in and give us more room. That little 12 footer wasn't very stable compared to my new 1448 flatbottom jon.
  4. trollrap

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    northern illino
    bought a new 2008 alaskan deluxe 15' deep vee this spring. It was a Scratch & Dent boat. Has a small dent on the right side, mabey 1/4" deep. Full lifetime warranty. Flat floor, walk-thru center seat, 70" beam. Put some Wise fishing seats in it. Probably set it up for a side console in the fall. It is some change from my 14/36 jon i had. Deep, wide, safe for the family. I live on a small lake so it stays at the waters edge... weight is an issue. I realy like this boat. Got it cheap too...$1800 list is $3295. I'm happy. love smokercraft boats.:big_smile: